Comments - Cars that Defied the Norm: Honda FCX Clarity

Published: Jan 11, 2013
Description: It might puzzle some readers why a hydrogen car would be included here but not any battery electric vehicles. The answer is that battery EVs aren't fully evolved cars yet. They're niche comm...
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Cody Gillard Jan 11, 2013
I have a lot of respect for this car I drive a Honda myself and it's pretty nice so if I hear that they make an electric car than I have no doubt that it could be a. Very nice car
Chris Gaines Jan 12, 2013
is it that hard to make a normal looking alternative fuel car????
Errick Kitchin Jan 12, 2013
The reverse light look like they are off an old Accord.
Jack Howard Jan 11, 2013
It really is
Brendan Bell Jan 11, 2013
This is one of the coolest cars ever
Description: Honda's first "production" Clarity rolled off the line in 2008. Like the Turbine Car which appeared earlier in this series, this wasn't an actual production car as such. The Clarit...
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Description: The cost has come down, but is likely still over $100,000 and that is quite a lot to ask someone to pay for what is essentially a slightly bigger Accord. The Clarity is a simple enough idea, it conver...
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Sam Reinsel Jan 12, 2013
@alex yeah they still do but it's still gathering data. Only used in California, where there are compressed hydrogen pumps.
Harrison Trapnell Jan 11, 2013
They better find a way to make it cheaper. I cant see anyone paying $100 for an average car when Petrol runs out.
Alex Bouckley Jan 11, 2013
Do they still make this?
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jan 11, 2013
Every new technology costs a lot at the beginning. Economies of scale will eventually take care of that though. Think about how complicated the production of gasoline is from extraction to the tank of your vehicle.
Nick Sti Jan 12, 2013
And by "prefer the look of chrome" I mean as just a single silver ring around the lens and that's it
Nick Sti Jan 12, 2013
Anyone notice/know why newer cars with projector style headlights have those chrome baby blue rings around the lens? I prefer the look of chrome. Not sure if its functional
Description: Hydrogen is sold by the kilogram, rather than by the gallon, and it costs slightly more for a kilogram than a gallon of gasoline. But since the Clarity will get a combined 60 miles on one kilogram of ...
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Description: Proponents of battery electric vehicles hate hydrogen vehicles, absolutely hate them. Because a hydrogen car is so much more usable than a battery EV, they have at times received more attention from m...
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Gustavo Kelso Jun 03, 2013
Dashboard stowage...
Nick Sti Jan 12, 2013
That dashboard.... wow
Raymond Reynoso Jan 11, 2013
Turn that wheel right side up
Description: Of course, automakers still built electric cars for the mass market, people haven't bought them in huge numbers and automakers have continued right on working on hydrogen. This means that this w...
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Jhin Hur Jan 14, 2013
It bothers me so much that the politics in the automotive world can try to slow down the progress of the hydrogen car. There might be problems with using hydrogen, but Honda proves that it could be used safely, and efficiently. We demand hydrogen car
Sam Reinsel Jan 12, 2013
Yeah it has to be pressurized to the point that it becomes a liquid, and kept at that pressure. The burning hydrogen gas is kinda dangerous, as it was said, in a conv. engine, which is why Honda went with a power cell.
Wayne Joseph Borean Jan 11, 2013
Because you can't store it. Hydrogen has this nasty tendency to leak past just about anything. BMW had a 12 cylinder conventional hydrogen engine, and no matter what they did it leaked. And the leaks burned. Hydrogen burns clear. You can't see it until your skin turns crispy.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jan 11, 2013
I agree, hydrogen makes much more sense as a consumer product. Why not produce it yourself of you have space on your property? Honda demoed a device a few years ago that can produce hydrogen from rain water and solar energy. Apparently enough for a single vehicle fill up.
Description: The current manufacturing techniques for hydrogen make full-scale implementation impossible, but in that way it is absolutely no different from any other alternative energy. Biofuel has its own proble...
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Brandon W Stagg Jan 13, 2013
Honda has billions in multiple consumer sectors. Why don't they get majorly involved in the production of hydrogen and path the way for the next generation of automobiles....probally because they know cosumers are ignorant and unwilling to change.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jan 11, 2013
Any new method or propulsion technology will always be met with skepticism. The only way to counter the skepticism is by making great new products that are more efficient than current technology.
Madjid Mirmohamadsadeghi Jan 11, 2013
The way the industry looks at the production and distribution of energy maybe suits oil and gas but by no means is it guaranteed that a centralized process of distribution is what works best for all energies. Centralized distribution has its own inefficiencies such as the high costs of fuel transportation.