Comments - Stripper's Supra Stolen, Found Stripped Too

Published: Jan 10, 2013
Description: Jessica Barton may just be every guy's dream girl. She's a beautiful swimsuit model, exotic dancer/stripper and (gasp!) gearhead. Want proof of her car-girl credentials? Up until just a ...
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David Salvo Jan 26, 2013
Ya love to catch'm in the act!!!
Mike Renaut Jan 16, 2013
Not really my kind of car but anything that runs eights has my respect. She has my respect too.
MissLaura Anne Jan 11, 2013
@Mkenya- exactly. Hahaha
Mkenya Halisi Jan 11, 2013
This Supra was the result of eight years of tips and upgrades...
Chris Fitz Jan 11, 2013
Awful story - funny headline...hate to see this happen to anyone, let alone a maxed out supra
Joe Kanser Jan 10, 2013
How about correcting your title, she isn't a stripper.
Rohil Chauhan Jan 10, 2013
She'd get it
David Munasinghe Jan 10, 2013
@ Car Buzz and anybody who gotta comment on the profession . We are on a car forum and we should be happy we got good looking women who like to work in cars instead of being just models . Give her a break with what she do for a living.
Kaigan Viner Jan 10, 2013
I heard about it being stolen on Instagram. I go to school in the Orlando area (where it was taken from) and was hoping to find it and get the $5000 reward for finding the car haha
Ryan Faber Jan 10, 2013
lol @steven
David Parenti Jan 10, 2013
@henz, how many drag cars do you know of that the owners alarm?
David Parenti Jan 10, 2013
She's a model. She's been in a few mustang magazines, as the Lethal Performance girl.
Michael Riley Jan 10, 2013
Who cares how she makes money. The point is she is one of very very few smokin hot girls that is also a gear head and someone stole and chopped her car that almost any guy would dream of having. you sell you're body for it too! :P
Steven Benson Jan 10, 2013
Don't call her that she's a nice lady! Lol
Nelson Alexander Jan 10, 2013
She also owns a GTR
Henz Herrero Jan 10, 2013
She puts thousands and thousands of $$$$ in tge supra but she didnt equip it with lojack...
Aaron Crisp Jan 10, 2013
Strippers make upwards of 2 grand a week.
Johnny Francis Jan 10, 2013
Lol V
Jackson Michael Jan 10, 2013
Shelby's such a nice person
Sam Reinsel Jan 10, 2013
She's also a model...
Shelby Cassandra Jan 10, 2013
Probably a hooker too. I don't imagine that a stripper would actually make too much money.
Matt Piccolo Jan 10, 2013
Damn, now that's my kinda girl! ;-)
Colby Church Jan 10, 2013
Damn girl.... Impressive that she can handle that power.
Description: The car was stolen over a week ago in Florida but it's now been recovered, completely stripped apart by a local chop shop. Barton originally posted a $5,000 reward to anyone who could help recove...
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Mike Perry Jan 12, 2013
That's the price you pay for having a famous ride on the Internet... Makes you a target.
Zeus Mocha Jan 11, 2013
Lou, those who have sweet cars don't come on here hahaha jk. There are tons of cars out there and the chance of someone having a certain car is low. Now your friend having one makes it a little higher.
Mkenya Halisi Jan 11, 2013
Oh well.. Back to the strip! The drag strip, that is.
Lou Guerrero Jan 11, 2013
Why does everyone's "buddy" have a nice ass car lol not a personal attack, Jacob just an observation. It's always my buddy has his, my buddy has that.
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 11, 2013
Lmao @ Tony, that's the funniest shit I've heard all day.
Jacob Viiper McCord Jan 11, 2013
I heard of one of my buddy's friends had a '65 mustang with a 427 crate motor in it, grabber blue with black stripes, got stolen and chopped.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Lol at the Florida comments. I've never been to Florida besides vacationing but from what I hear it's not the greatest. And yeah a lot of the locals didn't exert much southern hospitality haha
Jon White Jan 10, 2013
I'm starting to get pissed that people are stealing cars.. The drifters s14 240sx FD car, This supra, and there is a stolen Subaru in new jersey.. Damn thieves man..
Patrick Schalk Jan 10, 2013
Miguel Jimenez Jan 10, 2013
@Tony haha nice.
Tony Noviello Jan 10, 2013
Looks like somebody owes her a 10 second car.
Chris Huff Jan 10, 2013
Good 'ol florida. Not sure if anyones been/lived in the part of orlando thats not disney. Not the most friendly area.
Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2013
Not a huge fan of dedicated drag cars but Titan knows how to tune fast drag supras. I love Florida but its chock full of assholes. My friend gixxer 600 was stolen and chopped a few months ago.
Danny Scott Jan 10, 2013
Sounds like a revenge thing.. That car would be worth way more together than in pieces
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 10, 2013
Shes gonna need a chute.... Oh wait
Colby Church Jan 10, 2013
Damn, pretty quick.
Gazel Hebbert Jan 10, 2013
That's just unfair man.
David Salvo Jan 26, 2013
Maybe she posses somebody off!!!
MissLaura Anne Jan 11, 2013
That's sad :( poor girl. I'd be pissed if someone did that to my prize possession.
William Downs Jan 11, 2013
Ive seen then from 20-40k forna decent example, seen them for less but they were junk, 60k is probably close depending if she did a majority of the work her self
Kyle Rawn Jan 11, 2013
I'd actually say a little bit higher than that, but Matt would know better than I do.
Chris Fitz Jan 11, 2013
@aaron, 60k +/-
Aaron Crisp Jan 11, 2013
How much do you guys think this car car is (was) worth?
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 11, 2013
I hope they don't run it without a filter on the turbo by the way, can't be good.
Jorge Gonzalez Jan 11, 2013
Shelby is legit, relax guys no need to go CSI. Lmao.
Armando Sandí Jan 11, 2013
Directo a la Guácima...
Moises Casillas Jan 11, 2013
This is starting to look like my facebook newsfeed... Drama all over, but the again it's the Internet.
David Parenti Jan 11, 2013
She went to high school like ten miles from me. She's also not a stripper. I think she's married too?
Henz Herrero Jan 11, 2013
So i was reading into it.. Bartons sister car was reportedly stolen too.. Rumors are that this was an insurance scam.. Damn..
David Parenti Jan 11, 2013
Of you go to a drag strip you'll see a ton of SN-95 mustangs missing a headlight. That's because the air intake pickup is located behind the headlight. Removing the headlight makes for better cold air flow.
Aaron Crisp Jan 10, 2013
A logo belonging to a pornographic site. I'm not saying that means anything... But lol
Aaron Crisp Jan 10, 2013
Leave Shelby be, whether she is real or not. I wasn't going to say anything, but I once looked at her profile on FB when she first started commenting (horridly creepy I know) because I didn't believe she was a girl, and one of her profile picture had
Ben Norton Jan 10, 2013
I see nothing Shelby said that made her seem fake at all. Sure that's all impressive but not impossible at all. Sad though, I'd cry if my car was stolen, I think any true gear head would
Henz Herrero Jan 10, 2013
You guys are taking this way too serious.. If shelby is real or not, who cares? If shes got a 10 sec stang or not, who cares? And i dont get whats wrong with a stripper that owns an 8sec car..
David Munasinghe Jan 10, 2013
@ Dule. I didn't call any body names before , but since you wanna bring it on; you are the fag you misogynistic pice of eastern european s#%t.
Kyle Rawn Jan 10, 2013
So Shelby was an Oregon cheerleader, who has an MD, modifies all sorts of Fords, played football in high school, is engaged, all by the age of 29? Come on bro. Overplayed it a bit too much.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Interesting argument guys keep up the good work
Dulē Vuckovic Jan 10, 2013
Slut does nedd a real job that david m guys a fag lmao
Brian Johnston Jan 10, 2013
Haha cant be that intelligent if you dont know why the headlight is missing. How do you have these supposed cars if your paying to go to med school? And if you ever want to talk about cardiac rhythms let me know. All powerful shelby bahaha
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 10, 2013
Not saying u dont own a fast car but....
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 10, 2013
@Shelby I wasnt gonna say anything but that is something pretty much every gearhead knows. Its like being a athlete and not knowing about compression shorts are.
Nodnarb Ydil Jan 10, 2013
Your rebuttal probably isnt helping your case here Shelby. That said, it's a shame that such a nice car was taken from someone. Regardless of age, gender, or profession
Shelby Cassandra Jan 10, 2013
And by the way, what sane teenage boy would pretend to be a woman? A woman that is engaged at that. I am not sure that I understand your logic behind anything.
Shelby Cassandra Jan 10, 2013
Nope. Not real. 29 years old FYI. Yes, I have a doctorate, but am not a doctor because I am in a fellowship currently to get certified to become a cardiologist. You call me fake because why? I am a woman that is more intelligent than you? Go cry kid.
Brian Johnston Jan 10, 2013
Shelbys not real. Probably a 14yr old boy. She has a 10 sec mustang blah blah blah ask here about her phd at 22 or what ever she said. Fake.
Shelby Cassandra Jan 10, 2013
@Michael. Truth coming out? I've never seen a "purely" modded drag car where I go. Fastest car anywhere near LID where I go is a 2012 Cobra Jet. You can believe whatever you want to because I couldn't care less what a douche like you thinks.
David Munasinghe Jan 10, 2013
@ Alex. This is gear head forum, not a religious or moral forum. Unless you are jealous that she had a better car than you; you should shut the F up .
Michael Lepinay Jan 10, 2013
Nobody who owns a 10 second car (sans Veyron, etc) would wonder why a drag car has only 1 headlight with a turbo right behind it.
Michael Lepinay Jan 10, 2013
Ya Shelby, all your comments about having a 10 sec mustang and you ask the question "1 headlight?" Looks like the truth is coming out...
Alex Medvedev Jan 10, 2013
Slut needs a real job
Kyle Rawn Jan 10, 2013
Not just Asian any more Jimmy. Domestic companies are decreasing displacement and adding boost. Ecotec engines.
Jimmy Case Jan 10, 2013
The Asian answer for power, boost.
Peter Kim Jan 10, 2013
That is a giant turbo! Guess your going to need that size turbo and headlight air flow for the 1200HP
Johnny Francis Jan 10, 2013
Ugly? More like beautiful.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 10, 2013
@shelby its for airflow
Matt Piccolo Jan 10, 2013
Looks badass!
Shelby Cassandra Jan 10, 2013
1 headlight?
Colby Church Jan 10, 2013
Ugly, but still fast.
YG YG Mar 09, 2017
My favorite car dead ;(
David Salvo Jan 26, 2013
I have a car alarm....I call it PIT BULL!!!
Marko Caldwell Jan 14, 2013
Not going to lie, I laughed. The irony! A stripper gets her car stripped. Jokes aside, it's saddening. What a beautiful car.
James Salaba Jan 12, 2013
Person that done this should be shot dead on spot! Coz this is a genuine murder! Supra doesn't deserve this ever!!!!!
Justin Johnson Jan 12, 2013
That was a personal vendetta.
Roberto Maldonado Jan 11, 2013
Not even funny >:-/
Andrew Spad Jan 11, 2013
Chop shop :(
Mkenya Halisi Jan 11, 2013
I think we all agree, no stripper should have to see this done to their car!
Chris Fitz Jan 11, 2013
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 11, 2013
This is a sad story, no one should have their car chopped and stolen when they put so much hard work put in it, I also agree the owner should have had low jack wired into the car...
Jacob Viiper McCord Jan 11, 2013
Dylan Gomes Jan 10, 2013
nooooo! :O
Sebastian Soroka Jan 10, 2013
@Aaron, the article says its in Florida not California
Drake Nailon Jan 10, 2013
Wow that really is messed up. I've actually followed Ms. Barton's buildup for some time. This must be heartbreaking for her. I'd hate to be the guys who did this if the wrong people find out who they are.
Lizmary Mendoza Jan 10, 2013
Lmao she got Owned!!!!
Ryan Heetderks Jan 10, 2013
Nnnnnnnooooooooooo!!! :_(
David Parenti Jan 10, 2013
This is old news. They found the car a week ago.
Alex Medvedev Jan 10, 2013
Good get real job
Harrison Trapnell Jan 10, 2013
*finds guy who did it* 'What kind of a sick bastard are you?!'
Tony Flaherty Jan 10, 2013
Why the f#%k did they chop the roof off of it? Who ever did this should have the same done to his limbs as he did to the car.
Taylor Garry Jan 10, 2013
Thats a terrible sight
Andrew Palmer Jan 10, 2013
How sad..:(
Tim Preisinger Jan 10, 2013
That's so messed up. Hope they catch the SOBs who did this
Pablo Herasme Jan 10, 2013
Why do this to car that is out of production, just terrible
Braxton Omgbased Booker Jan 10, 2013
I wonder who the engine went too smh
Mario Alvarez Jan 10, 2013
What heartless jerk would do this
Aaron Crisp Jan 10, 2013
Welcome to So Cal.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
That is WRONG.... This might be someone's love of life...
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
Yeah when they chop, they CHOP.
Shane Carroll Jan 10, 2013
That's just effed up
Serge Pankratov Jan 10, 2013
Omg.. Im not a huge supra fan, but this is truly saddening.. And its even more sad that it happened to one of "our" people (gearheads) RIP Supra
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 10, 2013
Thats a real chpp shop
Greg Lewis Jan 10, 2013
I threw up a little.... That's sickening
Matt Piccolo Jan 10, 2013
Omg, wtf? Who the f**k would do this? Damn bastards
Drew Humphrey Jan 10, 2013
Why would you do that?! I hope that it was insured.
Austin Bride Jan 10, 2013
They actually cut the car to peices.