Comments - Russian Hoonage Ends with a Swim

Published: Jan 10, 2013
Description: What do you do when you're bored? We don't mean waiting-for-the-bus bored, twiddling-your-thumbs-waiting-for-an-appointment bored, or sitting-through-a-commercial bored. We mean really bored...
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Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2013
Maybe both.
Description: As you can see from this video, the hoonage quickly took a turn for the worse when the car - a Soviet-era 1000 series Lada, from the looks of things - skidded perilously close to the river embankment....
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Milito Mayorga Jan 22, 2013
Does anyone understand what they saying???
Mike Renaut Jan 14, 2013
Lucky it landed right side up!
Kleymenov Pavel Jan 11, 2013
Driver: you should have got it on camera. Girl: I did Driver: the whole thing? Girl: yes, the whole thing. Driver: Your super, seriously! "thumbs up" Other guy: How much cars are you going to drown? Driver: Did you see, it was beautiful. Super!
Victor Castillo Jan 11, 2013
What I want to know is what they where saying after the dumped their car in the river
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jan 11, 2013
Whats Russian for Dumbass?
Graham Young Jan 11, 2013
Or technically a Lada In the river Same shit different story lol
Graham Young Jan 11, 2013
I live in a Van down by the river
Tracy Keiser Dron Jan 10, 2013
Just leave the piece of shit there...:))))
Alex Bouckley Jan 10, 2013
Do all car crashes involve Russia?
Diamix Chavarria Jan 10, 2013
They seriously thought they were going bring that 3000lb car with a fishing string?
Lou Guerrero Jan 10, 2013
Laughed at the "string" they tied to it hahaha
Michael Riley Jan 10, 2013
I love how the guy doesn't try to touch the water and the next guy is like "I don't give two fucks bout no water."
Алексей Приймак Jan 10, 2013
Молодца, Ай молодца!