Comments - Mercedes Updates CLS63 AMG

Published: Jan 10, 2013
Description: The new E-Class may be getting the bulk of attention from Mercedes-Benz, but when the doors open at the Detroit Auto Show next week, the German automaker will also be showcasing an upgraded version of...
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Jake Trumbull Jan 17, 2013
Me too man. They been known for their badges matching engine displacement for decades. Every now and then it differs. With everyone use large displacements these days I.e. (viper, corvette, etc) you would think they would.
Peter Kim Jan 10, 2013
Confused why they are still labeled as 63 series when they are using the 5.5 liter V8.
Dylan Bruder Jan 10, 2013
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Those wheels!
Description: Like the E63, the new CLS63 (available in four-door coupe or five-door Shooting Brake body-styles) is also being offered with the AMG 4Matic all-wheel drive system, joining the ML63, GL63, G63, G65, E...
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Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
I wouldn't! If you want to match a SLS speed wise, you need the AWD, and an AMG Merc that doesn't go crazy with wheel spin doesn't seem attractive to me!
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Those are great numbers!
Description: Top speed remains electronically limited to 155 mph. The AMG SpeedShift MCT 7-speed transmission handles the power with four modes, and like the E63, the CLS63 incorporates Torque Vectoring Brake and ...
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Will Will Jan 10, 2013
See-through bonnet? I'd buy it!
Adel Veis Jan 11, 2013
Oh fuck
Allen Kim Jan 11, 2013
Very nice.
Janak Solanki Jan 10, 2013
Looks like liquid glass. I wonder how many layers of paint go on this bad boy?
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
Very nice lines!
Dillon Magee Jan 10, 2013
It's stunning
Janak Solanki Jan 10, 2013
Paint job on this is ridiculous.
Carlton Salmon Jan 10, 2013
I'm with you there, Mohammed.
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Jan 10, 2013
Nice car. But personally I think the BMW M6GC is a shade better!
Christopher McSween Jan 10, 2013
Perfect marriage between beauty & brawn.
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Yeah! Really love this CLS, combination of elegant and aggressive.
Christopher McSween Jan 10, 2013
I agree w/ you all. This is a true automobile. The best Mercedes design at this time. I'd prefer this over an M5.
Dan Marino Jan 10, 2013
I can't stop looking at it. It sucks you into the picture. I think I'm hypnotized...
Bala Uncc Jan 10, 2013
Me matter you like Benz or not, one must say this is one stunning car.
Justin McLeod Jan 10, 2013
I've never been the biggest Mercedes fan(mostly because of the types of people whom own/drive them) but I must say this car is stunningly gorgeous. The body lines are exquisite to say the least, and I bet it's nice to have 585 bhp at your disposal :D
Timothy Hooker Jan 10, 2013
much better than the E class. this car has really evolved into a beautiful machine
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
Don't bring up an ugly Cadillac in the picture of such a gorgeous car!
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
Haha caddillac dosent stand a chance against this beauty.
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Ugly. Only wagon I would buy is the V wagon
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
I won't buy a wagon. But when I do, I'll definitely choose this one
Nick Schnee Jan 10, 2013
And I hate all wagons :D
Max Jabaay Jan 10, 2013
I still like the RS6 wagon better.
Darryle Moody Jan 10, 2013
Nice and different. But it is a spin on words by the marketing people. It is not a Shooting Brake, it is a Wagon.
Lee Oleinick Jan 11, 2013
Stunning -
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 10, 2013
This is the one I would buy if it was sold in the States
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Love the wood floor in the trunk!
Bala Uncc Jan 11, 2013
SLK and SL has the retro vents which looks awesome
Peter Kim Jan 10, 2013
Too many buttons! Haha
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Yeah Peter, that's what I'm talking about! Retro vent are nice and solid, more angle( but I found girls don't really like it...)
Peter Mark Gacek Jan 10, 2013
It still needs the SLS's round A/C vents... Like my '85 300D TD
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Yes! And I love the retro vent
Bala Uncc Jan 10, 2013
Very nice interior. Benz has got some awesome interior designs in its latest gen cars. These are inspired by SLS.
Adam Thomson Jan 12, 2013
Lots of leg room
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
B&O speaker looks really nice!