Comments - Mercedes Reveals New E63 AMG

Published: Jan 10, 2013
Description: It's going to be all about the E-Class over at the Mercedes-Benz pavilion in Detroit this year. Not only has Daimler released the newly updated versions of the E-Class sedan, wagon, coupe and con...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 10, 2013
@daniel, they have! And it look as great as ever, that is my number 1 "realistic" (I use the term loosely) dream car, even though I'm just 17, a station wagon powerhouse is just so damn cool, and Mercedes does it best
Daniele Gozzi Jan 10, 2013
AMG has to bring the E63 Station Wagon back its a MUST that is the coolest thing ever
Asror Zafarzoda Jan 10, 2013
very good very nice
Trey Villarreal Jan 24, 2013
I guess to be more specific, out of place 'visually'.
Amer Tawil Jan 11, 2013
Those intakes go straight to the radiators and are not out of place Mercedes will never fail they spend too much money to fail
Cindy Ngo Jan 11, 2013
I'm not sure Mercedes-Benz make the New E65 AMG
Cindy Ngo Jan 11, 2013
It's so cool
Trey Villarreal Jan 11, 2013
The shape of the intakes in the bumper just seem out of place. The curves on the rest of the front are irregular put the intakes are too circular and plain.
Justin Routh Jan 11, 2013
@Megan you are an idiot. Looks are completely subjective so dont bring the U.S. educational system into this. Especially since quite a bit of your comments are dumb, you have no room to talk
Author Norman R. Colson Jan 11, 2013
It's a nice looking car but I've seen one Mercedes I've seen them all
Michael Andary Jan 10, 2013
Awesome eye I love u mercedes u never fail me
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
Oh and it looks so much better! If you call this ugly you don't know good design. Which is typical for the U.S. public education system.
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
Complete ripoff of BMW in the lower fascia.
Mohammed Serwan Jan 10, 2013
Big step backward in this design
Martin Rosenberg Jan 10, 2013
Ugly, ugly, ugly. Looks like a fish.
Scuttle Buttocks Jan 10, 2013
Freakin awesome!
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
@Arick Not of the E63!
darrellbell24 Jan 10, 2013
MERCEDES-BENZ NEVER fail to impress me. ever
Arick Voigt Jan 10, 2013
They do make a coupe version.........
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Car looks great! But I really wish they made a coupe version
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
Don't like the new grill on the regular E-Class, but add some AMG sport touches, and it looks great!
Matt Piccolo Jan 10, 2013
Damn looks good, still not my first choice though
Janak Solanki Jan 10, 2013
I am loving the new air intakes design
Matthew van der Linde Jan 10, 2013
I prefer the grill with the hood ornament, i hope they still offer that grill
Andrew Hubbard Jan 10, 2013
The emblem is filled in because its a sensor. Also nice last name \/
Theo Hubbard Jan 10, 2013
Alex Renaud Jan 10, 2013
I don't like how the space between the 3 lines on the emblem is filled in. That makes it (the emblem), look cheap. But overall the car looks nice.
David Gray Jan 10, 2013
Front bumper looks great
Luke Purdy Jan 10, 2013
Looks pretty good to me
Brendan Crawford Jan 10, 2013
The old one was my favorite. Well I gotta see it in black to confirm that.
Jake Judges Jan 10, 2013
Pierre E Jean Jan 10, 2013
That's brilliant
Description: As with any performance sedan (or wagon, as Benz has revealed both) the E63 is all engine. The 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 (which replaced the naturally-aspirated 6.2) carries over from the outgoing model...
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Dwight Isaac Jan 14, 2013
@ Ryan the 6.3 motor is bored out to a 6.208 liters, the engine will be marketed as the "6.3" to commemorate the famed Mercedes-Benz M100 engine, Mercedes' first production V8. It displaced 6.3L.
Hugo Gunnarsen Jan 12, 2013
The 6.3L is an homage to the first MB engine tuned by AMG. It was on the 300SEL 6.3 they tuned the engine for racing under the sticker AMG (prior to mergin with MB). The engine though came out from the redonklous large 600. So this name point 45y back in time, and don't really have anything to do with the replacement.
Allen Kim Jan 11, 2013
Bring back the 6.2
Ryan Faber Jan 11, 2013
ahh ha! that makes sense. thx!
Anthony Rullo Jan 11, 2013
To comply with German law, Mercedes-Benz is required to round up the displacement figure of 6208 cc to 6.3 when used for marketing purposes, as it is above (just slightly) 6.2 litres.
Tn Ng Jan 10, 2013
The 2010/11 E63 used a N/A 6.2 V8, the 2012 and up used a 5.5 twin turbo V8.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
Nope @ ryan i thought i was going crazy when i seen the 6.2 liter displc
Ryan Faber Jan 10, 2013
sorry if I seem like im not getting it. Its just I could have sworn Ive read, many of times, that some of their cars have a 6.3 too match the badge. im not trying to say theres no such thing as the 6.2 because I know it exists.
Ryan Faber Jan 10, 2013
so there is no such thing as a 6.3 litre amg motor in any of their cars?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2013
Daniel explained it perfectly
Daniel Alexander Soutar Jan 10, 2013
Well the old naturally aspirated AMG engine was a 6.2 litre, but Mercedes always denoted it as 6.3 (don't ask why). Now it's a 5.5 with turbos strapped to its back, so technically it should be 5.5 T...
Ryan Faber Jan 10, 2013
ok so I know the 63 in the name of the cars doesn't necessarily mean that it has a 6.3 litre motor but my question is, does mercedes make a 6.2 and a 6.3 litre motor or just one and not the other??
Mohammed Shamma Jan 10, 2013
So SL65 AMG-S is gonna be as fast as a ferrari italia?! Thats pretty cool but on the other hand who will choose a SL when that person has the cash of a Lambo Gallarado, Ferrari 458, Aston Vanquish?! I think only an owner of one of these supercars will actually like to add another cool car to the list.
Daniel Eads Jan 10, 2013
Sport wagons are the best. I'd be the only way I'd have it.
Tn Ng Jan 10, 2013
Damn, 3.7 sec. Thats super car territory
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
I'll have mine in rear wheel drive! Yes it's slower, but I see AMG as a car to burn as much rubber as possible!
Tyler Tarbox Jan 10, 2013
Wouldn't it be called an E55 again??
JB Kolod Jan 10, 2013
Same thing for me, wagons are great for cheap cars but if I'm buying something like this I would never want one
Colby Church Jan 10, 2013
I don't like wagons either... Not even the CTS-V.
Nick Schnee Jan 10, 2013
The question must be asked... WHO WANTS A WAGON LIKE THIS? ... if you think of it, some people probably do. IMO Wagons are ugly as shit though...
David Mikolyzk Jan 10, 2013
@Dylan, why don't you just compare it to a Veyron? Obviously the Panamera Turbo is going to be faster. Thx mr obvious.
Jack Howard Jan 10, 2013
And it's also way more expensive Dylan
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jan 10, 2013
Does anyone notice that's the same 0-60 time of the SLS
Dylan Gomes Jan 10, 2013
Porsche Panamera Turbo S can go from 0-60 faster :P and IMO looks better
Luke Purdy Jan 10, 2013
Oh god those are great figures for the AWD option
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
This is just an option just like if you get a regular E350 4 MATIC or E350
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jan 10, 2013
But if I wanted to, and if I could pay for that, can I get the Wagon as a RWD
Description: Still not fast enough? AMG is also introducing a new super-performance version called the S-Model. Essentially replacing the AMG Performance package on the previous model, the new E63 AMG 4Matic S-Mod...
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Tn Ng Jan 11, 2013
This new E63 S is by far better than an M5 imo. But your comparing an M5 to a hyndai and dart? Really?
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
Yea its already on the list of 2012 worst cars. Along side the dodge dart
Mark Fei Ling Jan 10, 2013
Yeah, new M5 is the worst as I think. Because its lose the edge of the previous model, and middle age crsis men won't choose manual or mind of cornering. The most important is even if I'm going to buy a M car, I'd go with M6, looks better, faster
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
The new bmw V8's (S65) suck period. But every other company sounds better even hyundai V8's. but the E63 on the other hands is just. Wow
JB Kolod Jan 10, 2013
Yeah but the f10 m5 doesn't sound nearly as good as any amg
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2013
The M5 also has the option of a manual trasmission
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2013
The M5 has been clocked at 3.7 by some magazines and it doesn't need 4wd to do it wich means that its lighter than the 4wd amg and that its funner through corners. ( thanks to rwd)
Brock Zager Jan 10, 2013
M power better add some more boost
Mohammed Shamma Jan 10, 2013
Damn thats so fast. KFRS, RS6, M5, Astons, Maserattis must make serious moves or else its game over for all of them. This new S performance is definitely going to change the formula of most manufactures.
James Barrett Jan 10, 2013
Totally agree with jake. Haven't even started talking about the amg black. Performance pack on the performance pack on the performance pack
Jay Kolvenbag Jan 10, 2013
3.6, thats as fast as an sls black
Luke Purdy Jan 10, 2013
This might be a great car
Jake Judges Jan 10, 2013
So a performance package for the performance package
Sam Hansen Jan 10, 2013
God bless them
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
This vs the new RS6 avant will be a fun matchup to watch! I wish Jaguar would make an XFR/XFR-S Wagon!
Daniel Bellafonte Jan 10, 2013
Now this excites me! Now where is that M5 wagon BMW?
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
I'll take this over the sedan please!
Brady Williams Jan 10, 2013
Love the new facelift
Theo Hubbard Jan 10, 2013
Yes please
Darryle Moody Jan 10, 2013
The wagon looks much better than the sedan. The wagons are probably the best looking from generation to generation. They exude class, sophistication and power. Well done there folks.
Cindy Ngo Jan 11, 2013
Wagon:Not so cool Sedan:cool
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
BMW inspired tail lamps!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2013
I like them, ther like the c63 black series tips
Darryle Moody Jan 10, 2013
The exhaust tips are used as a design element. Probably a little more angular than they should but very nice nonetheless.
Description: Power is transmitted to the road in either rear- or all-wheel-drive models through the AMG SpeedShift MCT 7-speed automatic transmission in four modes - C for Controlled Efficiency with stop/start...
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Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
I know that at jason but im talking. Launch wise and cornering
Jason Brower Jan 10, 2013
Well the FF has a somewhat different system, it switches between two and four wheel drive depending on speed conditions (as far as I'm aware it shuts down front power from fifth gear up) and it also can alter the ratio of the power split.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
Ohh they want it to feel something like the ferarri FF
Darryle Moody Jan 10, 2013
No. They want the car to feel as if it is still is rear-wheel drive, so to the driver it will feel like a Mercedes-Benz. It will remain to be seen if this system has an on-road transparent feel to it. VW (audi ) will not be pleased.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jan 10, 2013
Any other cars use 33:67 torque split?
Description: The track between the 18-inch wheels at the front (19 at the rear) is also wider, and the S-Model gets special alloys with matte titanium finish for the 10 spokes and a polished rim. Behind those whee...
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Max Jabaay Jan 10, 2013
I wonder how much that option is.
Jacob Lerklint Jan 10, 2013
402mm, thats massive!
Nikolas Bee Jan 10, 2013
@ David you take the wagon ill take the sedan..
David Guerrero Jan 10, 2013
That wagon look so good!
Description: Inside, the cabin is distinguished by AMG-specific sports seats and grey stitching contrasting with the black leather, along with silver seat belts, a Nappa leather and Alcantara sports steering wheel...
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Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
It's also more expensive! The reason why you pay extra is for the extra style!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jan 10, 2013
Ill take the cls63 if it has the same specs. I think its a lot better looking
Cindy Ngo Jan 11, 2013
Look's cool
Mike Bakhsheshi Jan 11, 2013
The wheels are too safe... They have no character such as a little depth
Lee Oleinick Jan 11, 2013
Exhaust looks like a sloppy after market add on ... Weak
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
Exhaust/lower fascia is the worst part of the whole car. Hyundai does a better job than this!
Ghassan Tosca Shammas Jan 10, 2013
It's getting more of the BMW feel at the rear? Anyone?
Dillon Magee Jan 10, 2013
Looks aggressive. Very nice.
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
I somewhat agree with Janak, but the exhausts add some flare!
Janak Solanki Jan 10, 2013
The back needs a refresh
Rob Clark Jan 10, 2013
I miss the old circular AMG exhaust tips...
Max Laino Jan 10, 2013
There's the exhaust tips I am after
Dan Marino Jan 10, 2013
Those wheels are stunning on this car
Dwight Isaac Jan 14, 2013
@Cindy Lolz
Dwight Isaac Jan 14, 2013
It's panoramic @ Jake
Cindy Ngo Jan 11, 2013
The roof is really carbon fiber
Emil Klossie Kleijsen Jan 11, 2013
The trunk is to Short, looks bad IMO, otherwise it's stunning
Jacob Burford Jan 10, 2013
The grill is new, but I don't see any changer on the side or rear!
Timothy Hooker Jan 10, 2013
I liked it till this pic. side looks funny
Christopher McSween Jan 10, 2013
The prev round body was more attractive. I like the head lights & interior. The evolution of this car is disappointing.
Mark Suvorov Jan 10, 2013
Side profile so so Not sick like m5 or rs6
Aiman Haziq Jan 12, 2013
Guys, the steering wheel is new!
Megan Moody Jan 10, 2013
Another BMW ripoff!
Mohammed Shamma Jan 10, 2013
Theres nothing need to be changed in this interior. This interior is more comfortable than heaven.
Zaire Wilkins Jan 10, 2013
Not suppose to until they actually give us an all new mercedes E class
Janya Pulusu Jan 10, 2013
interior didnt change at all....
Janak Solanki Jan 10, 2013
I wish the interior would wrap around the driver more
Tim Preisinger Jan 10, 2013
I think it's pretty nice
David Mikolyzk Jan 10, 2013
Too many buttons. Interior is only OK.
Justin McLeod Jan 10, 2013
This might not have changed at all but this is def a cockpit I could get comfortable in :)