Posted on: Jan 01, 2013
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Ford Focusses on the Recording Industry

A Ford Focus being turned into a rolling recording studio? Sure, why not.
Typically we don't see cars of any genre being turned into a moving recording studio. There was the Nissan Juke transformed by Ministry of Sound into a rolling DJ booth, but a recording studio? That's what Galpin Auto Sports - one of the pre-eminent Ford dealers in America - did with this Focus. The custom project was carried out to promote the TV series "Gimme the Gig II", bringing in support from Ford and Grammy award-winning producer Don Was to bring it to completion.

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Into the donor car, Galpin and company added a whole mess of professional sound equipment, including BAE preamps, Empirical Labs compressors, microphones, headphones and a Sony sound system. The car was also wrapped in matte black, with red trim for contrast. The devilish color scheme repeats inside, and while there were no disclosed changes made under the hood, we suspect there's plenty of additional electrical wiring running through the car's guts.


by Jay Traugott
Ford Focusses on the Recording Industry

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