Comments - DRIVE Celebrates its First Anniversary

Published: Jan 01, 2013
Description: It's been one heck of a year for Drive. The initiative started earlier this year with an idea to provide first-class video content on YouTube, and boy has it succeeded. Since launching one year a...
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Description: Drive is looking forward to another year of top-notch automotive programming on YouTube, and we're looking forward to bringing you the best the show has to offer. But before the first episode of ...
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Gabriel Scott Jan 02, 2013
Drive is really hit or miss with me. Sometimes I love their stuff, sometimes I can't even keep my eyes open watching it, as in the bits with J.F.
Brian Torres Jan 02, 2013
I like Top Gear more
Mike Conrad Jan 02, 2013
At the Chev dealer I work at, there was an old 90s civic trade-in that had only 4 donuts on. Since it was otherwise junk, the managers took turns ripping it around the lot.
Jacob Lerklint Jan 02, 2013
This idea of putting 125s on a c63 is so clever, I wonder why nobody else have tried it? I hope top gear tries it in next season
Zac D'Anna Jan 02, 2013
Y is it running on 4 donuts?
Mark Fei Ling Jan 01, 2013
Those rims.... For snow??
Aiden Bass Jan 01, 2013
Wait what...