Comments - BMW Sportbike Drifts with Audi R8

Published: Jan 01, 2013
Description: Drifting a car is hard enough. It requires skill, practice and a lot of discipline. But let's face it: when push comes to shove - and these expert drifters sure do push and shove their cars aroun...
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Description: For those that don't appreciate motorbike antics, though, there's some car action involved as well when a V10-powered Audi R8 joins in the action for some six-wheeled tandem drifting. Check ...
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Forrest Wood Jan 01, 2013
That was a waste of my time
Jack Howard Jan 01, 2013
BMWs and Ducattis FTW!
William Downs Jan 01, 2013
Rediculious bike, also like the R8 peaking threw the smoke