Comments - Sesto Elemento Sounds Brutal

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: The ultra-light Sesto Elemento is the latest supercar from Lamborghini, but all we've seen of it so farhas been static displays. Now we've got some video footage, and it sounds positively br...
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John Hyland Oct 17, 2012
Hands down the best car ever made. This video just proves that. I can't wait to see it make its track debut
Theviper007 Sep 13, 2012
man they should have taken this baby to Sarasota Lamborghini theu need more lambos
Dominic Paré Sep 10, 2012
Combien ça vaut cte bel engin la?
Garrett Smith Sep 10, 2012
Vroom vroom beep beep
Garrett Smith Sep 10, 2012
Surely this will be mine soon,,,,i know dont call me surely.
Michael Lopez Sep 10, 2012
It was taken in my town pebble beach!
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
They don't really flash it's just because of the camera
Zaire Wilkins Sep 09, 2012
only cars with LED's i see that happen alot especially on top gear
Matt Greenlee Sep 09, 2012
can someone tell me why the tail lights on super cars begin to flash? ive always wondered
David Justice Sep 09, 2012
Paint Thickness speed bumps. Damn that's low. LOL
Matthew Crighton Sep 09, 2012
It sounds kind of like a big deisel pickup.... And it's one of the sexiest sounds I've ever heard.
Tanner Middleton Sep 09, 2012
it actualy does sound like a diesel
Patrick Schalk Sep 09, 2012
Oh durka durka durka. Sherpa sherpa
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 09, 2012
Not really a fan of that exhaust note. Doesnt have that pitch of the v10 or v12. The cam is making it uneven
Sivert Grande Sep 09, 2012
Damn, that thing is low...
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
I dont like how the front is so steep but other than that it looks like a sick car!
Tin Nguyen Sep 09, 2012
The car doesn't look that attractive. It's kinda short.
Darian Vorlick Sep 09, 2012
Love the upward facing exhaust though.
Darian Vorlick Sep 09, 2012
Not digging prehistoric Gomphotheres shovel mouth.
Paul Pickard Sep 09, 2012
Really looking forward to hearing this thing wide open on a track.
Marcin Bednarski Sep 09, 2012
Sound so so. Car is so brutal,ugly, astonishing machine simply great.
Zaire Wilkins Sep 09, 2012
this is a very nice car but not worth the money just like the LFA
Brian Micinski Sep 09, 2012
Sounds like a diesel truck not a race car :/
Ashen Fonseka Sep 09, 2012
Surgio Perez u dumb piece of shit why did u do that u douch bag
Cody Gillard Sep 09, 2012
wow i want one looks like satan
Pablo Herasme Sep 09, 2012
This is what you call stripped out
King Rich Sep 09, 2012
check out the tire width!!!
Dennis Choong Sep 09, 2012
It's so low that it has problem crawling over a paint strip... lol
William Downs Sep 09, 2012
@ Redge that is the rear diff the transmission is infront of it, rear diff is exposed for cooling and since this is a race spec car, the diff is exposed for quick gear ratio changes on the differential and for less down time at the track
Redge Diakité Sep 09, 2012
@Shawn No it's to protect the E-gear transmission ;)
Kunta Kinte Sep 09, 2012
Got to hear this car rev at the Concours, it makes a great sound!
Shawn Sullivan Sep 09, 2012
Is that really the rear dif?! Can't believe how exposed that is! Killer car!
Description: Videographer BrianZuk points out that the first and third ignitions featured in the clip were cold starts, as the Sesto Elemento had been sitting for several hours. The cutting-edge Sesto Elemento car...
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Zaire Wilkins Sep 13, 2012
wow you guys have way to much time on your hands
Zachary Maurer Sep 10, 2012
Lol I just wanted to see How people would react
King Rich Sep 10, 2012
and thanks connor
King Rich Sep 10, 2012
no connor. just don't want everyone thinking I'm a dick.
Zachary Maurer Sep 10, 2012
Gosh, sorry I was late to the party, I would have ragged on this douche :D
King Rich Sep 10, 2012
everyone just stop. cool?
King Rich Sep 10, 2012
fardin..ikr..and william, oh i didnt know so..
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
Never thought or acted like I was bad ass, just called it like I see it, just another person bitching about top speed, it's a track spec car not a drag car, top speed isn't important, handling is what's king
King Rich Sep 10, 2012
yea william you think ur all badass. all you do is try to get at people for a damn opinion
Mark Donnelly Sep 10, 2012
guise be careful he might call the internet police on you/ sarcasm
Michael Gallagher Sep 10, 2012
I'm not one to add fuel to fire but to say "i have been in school longer then you guys etc etc", could just imply you have been held back a lot. Sorry again. Anyway! How about this Lamborghini?
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
Oh man threatening over the Internet, now we all know your still in school, man I'm so scared now cause Internet tough guys are the toughest people ever, what a joke u are "my names king rich and I'm so cool and bad cause I talk tough on the Internet
Raymond Reynoso Sep 10, 2012
Damn. A lot of arguing on this post.
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 10, 2012
All I hear is bitch bitch bitch.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 10, 2012
I mean if all cars were built for Bang/Buck purposes, the everybody would vote the GTR, Vette, Shelby Mustang as the best cars ever made, but they aren't, and guess why.
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
With no real knowledge of how cars work or what there designed for, an your obsessive amount of swearing shows how pathetic of a person u truly are. I've seen 5 yr old kids form more clever insults then that, go back to school u ghetto piece of trash
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
Hahahah, that was hilarious, talking like a ghetto piece of trash like that means anything to any civilized person, u just sound like a retarded 8 yr old from the poor side of town who thinks he is tough but in reality is just some dumb kid
Michael Montefusco Sep 10, 2012
King Rich? More like "Broke ass peasant".
Michael Montefusco Sep 10, 2012
King Rich -- you are the epitome of a "garbage ass bitch" talking the way you do. And yes you expressed your absurd opinion, but those of us here that actually have knowledge about cars would appreciate it if you expressed an "educated" opinion
Jake Knickmeyer Sep 10, 2012
Guys...this isn't YouTube. Quit cussing like eighth graders.
Patrick Schalk Sep 10, 2012
King, all I said was that your comment was dumb. Don't compare this to a GTR. We all know you can get cheap speed out of a lot of things. That sucks if your name really is King though.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 10, 2012
All I asked was if that's your real name. Damn, I've never seen so many insults in a post, you sound mean for a guy that edits pics of himself.
Michael Lopez Sep 10, 2012
@parker it was taken at the pebble beach concorse
Michael Gallagher Sep 10, 2012
King... You are making the people that like the GT-R sound... Ignorant. For 2.2 million for a lambo... All if these will be boughten in the middle east. Is there a way to see where exclusive cars are sent. A website? If not, someone should get in tht
Nick Ricci Sep 10, 2012
You are paying for the technology.... The time and effort and money put into the design and construction. Special builds come with price tags to suit.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 09, 2012
Take a Gallardo, put a wide bodykit on it, and call it a day.
Sergi Pérez Figueras Sep 09, 2012
Then the solution its to take an aventador and put 200k on xD. Now seriously thats just awesome
Serge Pankratov Sep 09, 2012
Now this is a REAL supercar! So raw! If u cant appreciate this car then u need some serious help
Dan Bousquet Sep 09, 2012
y the hell would lambo limit this incredible machine??? it doesnt make any sense, like putting a muzzle on a lion
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
...concerned with speed (king rick). There is a lot more to driving than speed and a 0-60 time 3/10s faster
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
I agree with William and Patrick. If you throw 200k at any car it'll be pretty damn fast. And at the end of the day, it won't be a lambo, it won't look like this, it won't sound like this, it won't drive like this. A lot GTR fanboys are just...
Abraham Mendoza Sep 09, 2012
Is your name king? Oh and by the way, No GTR will be as exciting as this machine.
Paul Pickard Sep 09, 2012
This car is certainly expensive but it is so exclusive. 15yrs from now it will probably double in value if not more.
Patrick Schalk Sep 09, 2012
Yeah King that's pretty stupid. You could also spend 200k on a Miata, Corvette, Pinto, GNX, Maverick, or any other car and make it faster than a GTR. A GTR will never match the Sesto Elemento no matter how much money you throw at it.
William Downs Sep 09, 2012
What do u expect from an idiot calling him self king.... Stupid comment from an uneducated moron
Paul Dickey Sep 09, 2012
Stupid comment king.
Matthew Charles Sep 09, 2012
You can do all of that and you still won't have a Lamborghini!
Mark Donnelly Sep 09, 2012
the car isn't built for top speed what so ever. its built to be the fastest car of the start of a race and then around the track
King Rich Sep 09, 2012
pretty bad top speed..for 200K, you can get a GTR and purchase the Alpha12 kit. it'll sprint from 0-60 in 2.1 seconds, and Max speed is 233 mph. so then you'll have a phenomenal car, and 2 million dollars to relax
William Downs Sep 09, 2012
Do u have any idea how much it cost to make forged carbon, a lot more expensive the carbon fiber is
Robert Young Sep 09, 2012
2.2 million.? Dam they want their money!
Alfonso Velasco Sep 12, 2012
I love lambo's but they really messed this one up from day 1. The car is too bulky for the wheel base that it was given. Maybe if they streched out this look onto a murcielago's wheel base it would look nice, just my opinion...
Zachary Maurer Sep 10, 2012
Ok just to be a critic, I hate the back, it looks incomplete, but I love the rest
Serge Pankratov Sep 10, 2012
Im surprised that board fit under the car lol
Walter Justiniano Sep 10, 2012
Did they put a wooden plank under the front tire just so it would not scratch? Too low to own...
William Downs Sep 10, 2012
Sorry but asked the same question on every photo, could have just googled it would have been faster
No Pistons Sep 10, 2012
More creativity!?! What the hell else looks like this!?
Patrick Feluch Sep 10, 2012
Jeeze William, take a chill pill, he was just asking where the photo was taken. And that would be at pebble beach by the way.
zr1 Sep 09, 2012
Countach! (not the car...the expression)
Jordan Smith Sep 09, 2012
I know this is meant for the track, but I'd be scared to drive a 2.2 million dollar car around a track. Especially with it being so low
Abraham Mendoza Sep 09, 2012
Because of the nose. Look at it.
Alex Renaud Sep 09, 2012
Yeah, what's up with the boards? Why not just take the photo on level ground? Strange.
Serge Pankratov Sep 09, 2012
The mirrors look like theyll cut u in half if u stand too close when it passes by! Epic car
Jacob Skelton Sep 09, 2012
I love how the front is tipped down. Looks great
William Downs Sep 09, 2012
That's cause Lamborghini released a concept rendering and this thing came out production looking exactly the same, that rarely ever happens now, reason why I love me some Lamborghini
Abraham Mendoza Sep 09, 2012
I mean...even in real life it looks...rendered. That's really hard to do.
Michael Gallagher Sep 09, 2012
Absolutely amazing. This car will never lose ita uniqueness or grow old. Most cars look like blah after awhile. But this design is truelly one of a kind. Classic.
Cody Gillard Sep 09, 2012
ah lamborghini you did an amazing job on this car
Jason Brown Sep 09, 2012
It's not only Lamborghini that can make designs like this. Both and Lamborghini puts out contests for university design students to come up with concepts and they most often use certain aspects from those design entries in their cars.
Redge Diakité Sep 09, 2012
Only Lamborghini can make design like this