Comments - Renault Twizy Gets Freddie Mercury's Moustache

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: Something of a crossover between a car and a motor scooter, the Renault Twizy isn't everyone's cup of tea. In fact most of us would be embarrassed to be seen in one. But in all his flamboyan...
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Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
Ive seen a few of them around Paris and i think theyre pretty cool but not something for me
Jason Brown Sep 09, 2012
These compact EVs were pretty cool. I got to sit in them this past July in Frankfurt. They told me it will be on sale in 3 years for around 7,000 Euros. A bit over prices considering it barely seats 2.
Brandon Scobell Sep 09, 2012
this would be great to drive in city or town.
Chris McCormick Sep 09, 2012
Seats look soo low and windshield looks so high I guess you need phone books to even drive
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Gotta love scissor doors...instantly adds 30 hp to your 1997 civic or accord coupe! JK looks great though. I wouldn't drive it daily, but if they made a high preformance version it could be fun!
Description: Mercury himself was one of the earliest and most prominent celebrities claimed by the disease, having succumbed to it in 1991. A recent fundraiser event at The Savoy Hotel, called “Freddie For a Day”,...
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Jason Brown Sep 10, 2012
You are absolutely correct. They are not optional. They come standard.
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
Im like 90% sure the scissor doors are not optional but stock