Comments - Mini Reveals New JCW Countryman

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: Like the M division is to parent company BMW or Abarth is to rival Fiat, the John Cooper Works line represents the top performance models in the Mini family. And now Mini has applied the JCW treatment...
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Brandon Bairian Sep 09, 2012
Oh damn, I just yawned so immensely i dislocated my jaw!!!
Jamal Ayub Sep 10, 2012
all mini jcw r good dosent matter its a coupe or countryman theyre all fast with great handling i know bcuz i work for bmw mini.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Sep 10, 2012
Say what you want, this thing just might be faster & quicker than a FR-S/BRZ/GT-86 TOYOBARU lol
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 09, 2012
My sister has a country man S and it looks just like this. I'd rather get that and do an engine tune then buy this
Zachary Maurer Sep 09, 2012
Calm yourself people
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Jin: I did think, and either way, it's wrong, so you should think before you write...
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
John its Caddys a Gm not the other way around and VW isnt buggati its the other way around, think before you write
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
@tin actually, it's called a "MINI". Just because BMW owns MINI, doesn't make all MINIs into BMWSs. By your logic, every VW I see is a Bugatti, every smart is a merc, and every Chevy is a caddy! Your logic is clearly wrong...
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
Its cool but overpriced
Tin Nguyen Sep 09, 2012
It's a BMW after all. But I could get a nice 3 series for that price though.
Malachi Monteiro Sep 09, 2012
40K for a mini, no!
Andrew Palmer Sep 09, 2012
This things gonna cost like 40k. It's cool, but not that cool.
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Kinda cool, but certainly not for me
Description: It packs a new version of the company's 1.6-liter turbocharged four, with Valvetronic variable valve timing, direct injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger to deliver 218 horsepower and 221 lb-f...
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Description: It comes equipped with a full aero kit, rides on unique 18-inch wheels, and can accommodate four passengers with the individual rear buckets (or five with the no-cost optional rear bench) or up to 1,1...
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Kabir Hossain Oct 15, 2012
stacey sl Sep 10, 2012
took a older mini for a testdrive before i my ms3, i felt i was in a small airplane without wings all the little switches and odd looking air vents
Kyle Janchenko Sep 09, 2012
I picked up an older Cooper S just for some fun, and honestly I rally like the giant tach in front of my and the big speedo off to the side. I use the tachometer almost exclusively, and hardly ever even need the speedo. I've grown to like it a lot
Garrett Keller Sep 09, 2012
I like the red trim on the doors, but the speedometer is a joke
Mark Hammer Sep 09, 2012
What an awful interior. Looks like something out of a concept car from 20 years ago!