Comments - Hagwalah Wildness from Saudi Arabia

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: We've seen some wild drifting videos coming from the Middle East in the past, but at least most of them steer clear (quite literally) from pedestrians. This one, however, is another story altoget...
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Siya Fadane Sep 14, 2012
By far the safest thing one can do nowadays
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 11, 2012
Just stay in school....
Mohammed A Nour Sep 11, 2012
@nick: good observation dude... I don't know if that was a real gun but I hope so he shot this maniac.
Mark Suvorov Sep 10, 2012
Would be funny if only one of them had ak 47 They r crazy Do u guys remember some drift fails from Arabia or Egypt before posted? I thought this video ll be about that. Any way these idiots weren't first Look at the body of the car!
Aaron Crisp Sep 10, 2012
C'mon guys... Peace in the middle east!!!.. Ermmm, I mean CarBuzz.
Nick Makaia Sep 10, 2012
Did anyone notice at 1:14 after they reverse into the crowd and guy runs up to the drivers window and it looks like he shoots the driver hence why they drive off??
Fawaz Alkraidees Sep 10, 2012
@moe oh yes we are a disgrace ;) . Thats why we have a bunch of the best muslim scholars( u mentioning religion which has nothing to do with this app) and the best cars which neither you nor you ancestors has ever seen ;) . Respect others kid.
Saravana Pawan Sep 09, 2012
@esam Well you're a douche!
Moh Nagadi Sep 09, 2012
this is a minority uncivilized group of Saudis and not all of us are like that...these people are really stupid.
Shawn Sullivan Sep 09, 2012
This group of saudi's are crazy all there is to it. And shit like this happens all over the world but this is a huge crowd of crazy's! Personally I hate to love it cause I gotta laugh but ask," what the hell people"?!
Mladen Sakotic Sep 09, 2012
I was talking to a guy at work who is from India. He said they do this just like the Spanish run from bulls. He seems to think its kinda cool. I told him he has problems. Lol. The things some people do ate just stupid
Das Stig Sep 09, 2012
I don't know if I'd call this hogwallah but is still crazy. all the Saudi videos invoking driving are hilarious. this guy almost tail whipped a crowd of people.
Aaron Crisp Sep 09, 2012
Aren't the Saudi's one of the more disliked countries in the middle east? Because they're allied with the US. Just curious.
omarSV Sep 09, 2012
@Thibault, they seem to be getting a rush from getting really close to something dangerous...abit like in Spain when they let the bulls run through the city (so its not just arabs that are guilty of being dumb). Its stupid imo but its all in the name of adrenaline.
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
Wait can someone explain this video to me? Like are they mad at the guy in the truck or is this som kind of game orr what?
Esam Mohammad Sep 09, 2012
@Ovais am not Egyptian .. Maybe your as stupid as the people in this video
Faisal Damanhori Sep 09, 2012
They are crazy people but don't think that saudis are crazy cuz
Ovais Mirza Sep 09, 2012
It's ok fawaz, esam must be an Egyptian
Puneet Dass Sep 09, 2012
Lol wtf that shit cray
Fawaz Alkraidees Sep 09, 2012
These videos do not represent Saudi.... Stop being shallow and do not generalize a while country from a stupid video like this... Such crazy behaviors are present in a lot of countries. Focus on judging cars and respect people :)
Esam Mohammad Sep 09, 2012
Saudis are one of most stupid races on the planet ,if not the most stupid race ever
Patrick Schalk Sep 09, 2012
This is what's called Natural Selection.
David Munasinghe Sep 09, 2012
Similar to what happens when you give a monkey loaded gun. Lol
Dylan Bruder Sep 09, 2012
Retards and that has to be the worst sounding vehicle I've ever heard lol
Mladen Sakotic Sep 09, 2012
This is ridiculous. These people are missing a few brain cells.
Jared Oteri Sep 09, 2012
Lol god bless America
Paul Lissona Sep 13, 2012
Muslims have no respect for the western societies.
David Munasinghe Sep 11, 2012
@ fardin. You guys are the fags running around in dresses and have shit for brains. A@@ hole.
Abdulla Ahmed Haji Sep 09, 2012
The arab ppl always rich espiecally the gulf countries like bahrain and saudi arabia and qatar and uae and oman
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 09, 2012
why you think it is religious? there were no cars 1000 years ago!
David Munasinghe Sep 09, 2012
I guess they dug a mass grave before it started so they can dump the dead in there right away in their religious tradition.
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 09, 2012
those are el Torero of Saudi Arabia.