Comments - Chevrolet Pays Tribute to C1 Corvette

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: As Chevrolet proceeds with developing the seventh-generation Corvette, the company is taking the opportunity to look back through its history and celebrate six decades of the iconic American sportscar...
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Dylan Bruder Sep 09, 2012
I can't wait to see the next gen the renderings look like they could be something exciting
Description: The Corvette's father Zora Arkus-Duntov, the original Blue Flame engine and the first of Chevy's small block V8s are also covered in the video that takes us right back to the roots of the le...
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Bull Dogone Sep 10, 2012
I agree. John Z DeLorean likewise seldom gets little recognition for the development and bringing to market the Pontiac Firebird and its Trans Am spawn.
Colby Church Sep 10, 2012
Richard is right, I did a report on Harley last year, and he had a great deal to do with the creation and transformation of the Corvette in its early years. He doesn't get anywhere near the credit he deserves. No Harley Earl = No Chevrolet Corvette.
Eric Dare Sep 10, 2012
A sensitive subject, guessing your related?
Richard Earl Sep 09, 2012
Chevy execs, like product manager Harlan Charles, should do their homework and rediscover the authentic engineer behind America's long established sports car. It was Harley Earl, not Zora Duntov and the first Corvette came to life under Earl's pre-engineering team inside his GM Styling HQ before it was directly sent off to appear at the Motorama Show in NYC. Duntov didn't even work the company the...
Dylan Bruder Sep 09, 2012
I think I'm gonna like this little series
Bull Dogone Sep 10, 2012
The only American sports car.
Fawaz Alkraidees Sep 10, 2012
One of the most beautiful american icons.
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Not a big vette fan, but these are gorgeous
Trent Richard Benham Sep 09, 2012
I'm a ford fan but that is still a beautiful car
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 09, 2012
Nice, I'd have to go with the c2 in the back though.
Rockesh Boulder Sep 09, 2012
Check out that Silverado in the back :P
Dylan Bruder Sep 09, 2012
Agreed 57 I do believe beautiful
Abraham Mendoza Sep 09, 2012
Timeless, and legendary.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Sep 09, 2012
Favorite color combination.
Mike Carbaugh Sep 09, 2012
Simply beautiful
Bull Dogone Sep 10, 2012
How futuristic was this dash back in the 1950s...
Mladen Sakotic Sep 09, 2012
Too much red. Needs some contrast