Description: There aren't a lot of automakers producing V12 engines these days, but BMW is one of them. In fact it has been since 1987 when it debuted a 7-Series sedan with a twelve-cylinder engine. Now BMW i...
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Paul Lissona Sep 14, 2012
Even the inline six engines in seven series are more than good enough.
Jeffrey Frank Sep 10, 2012
It's an AMG. If an ECU remap can give an N54 100hp more, I'm fairly sure BMW can get in the 600 range pretty easily with twice the displacement and number of cylinders.
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Your right, zachuary, that's what I'm trying to say.
Das Stig Sep 09, 2012
haha, basically you guys are complaining that BMW didn't build this engine to its full potential. if any of you have ever bought a car where the engine is so built, you can't upgrade it then I will literally give you my car. why does a 7 series need 1000 horsepower? it doesn't.
Samuel Breglia Sep 09, 2012
More cylinders generally helps with smooth idling as well, good for a luxury car. Not all about power.
Zachary Maurer Sep 09, 2012
I laugh when I see these type of comments, gigantic luxury cars like these haul people around, I don't think that the person being hauled around would want their showfer to lightly roll on the pedal and be blasted back in their seat
David Gray Sep 09, 2012
This engine is built for torque. BMW know how to make engines. If they wanted it to have more power, it would have more power
Jeffrey Frank Sep 09, 2012
Cars like this don't need big HP numbers. They need torque and need it all over the place. Big displacement is how to do it.
Joe Lamouk Sep 09, 2012
@John : No it's not. The M3 is equipped with a 4.0L, 420hp, V8. The engine I'm talking about can be found in the 550i for example.
Paul Dickey Sep 09, 2012
Since when is over 500 hp in a luxury sedan( which won't see any tracks ever) not enough?
Amir Roy Sep 09, 2012
The old naturally aspirated 5 liter V10 produced 500hp. Smoothness is nice, but it can be powerful and smooth at the same time.
David Guerrero Sep 09, 2012
Nissan produces about the same amount with half the engine
John Jenkins Sep 09, 2012
that's for an m3, a tracking car. how many of you bring your 7series to the track?
Joe Lamouk Sep 09, 2012
I agree with you, but they could get the same amount of power out of that engine without that couple of turbos. Bmw already have a 400hp 4.4L V8, guess they could build a 530HP, NA V12, it's not that "extraordinary".
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
@jason it's not all about power, they want it to be smooth. Just look at Rolls, they have a 6.8 liter V12 with less than 500hp, or Bentley, with a 6.75 liter turbo V8 with just over 500hp. These types of cars aren't meant for tons of power...
Jason Brower Sep 09, 2012
This is horrible! How can a 6 liter twin-turbo v12 be making less than 600 horsepower? Come on!
Paul Lissona Sep 14, 2012
I've had an equal amount of BMW and Mercedes, the BMWs were better overall every way.
Anthony Surdo Sep 11, 2012
I love reading all the comment fights! : D
Zachary Maurer Sep 10, 2012
Ok fine u win Adam :/
supra_mkiv Sep 10, 2012
BMW is obsessive engineering in a good way lol
Zachary Maurer Sep 09, 2012
Adam, every time someone thrashes Chevy you explode in their face (that's what she said) but Connor says that he prefers a s class more and you go at him
Zachary Maurer Sep 09, 2012
@ Adam, so what you always thrash ford and dodge and praise Chevy, and both of you have had your douche moments, just chill
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Well Adam, your a bit of a vette fanboy if I remember correctly, so I hope your not using the "fanboy" comeback as an insult. Not trying get into this, I'm just saying...
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
Connor just because he called you Merc fanboy doesnt make him a douche...You douche
Dillon Magee Sep 09, 2012
Yeah, I like the s class the best.
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
@dhruv I agree. Without counting four door coupes, this and the panamera are the best under 100k
Jake Marra Sep 09, 2012
Holy crap!! Stig talked!! Haha but anyway i like the porsche and love the aston martin
Description: The anniversary edition is further distinguished from the "ordinary" 760 with such special touches as champagne-colored merino leather abd Alcantara headliner with black piping, floor mats, ...
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Michael Gallagher Sep 11, 2012
That and austrailians are just weird
Peter Papen Sep 10, 2012
@Nick.. Americans are spoiled.. They wouldn't know better..
Michael Gallagher Sep 10, 2012
Maybe only 15 made to break even? Maybe? 160k is a lot, but how much to create each one?
Dan Rather Sep 09, 2012
I don't see a problem with the price all the v12 large sedans cost about the the s600 is 160k too.
Steven Velez Sep 09, 2012
what a raise in price
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
Wow thats expensive
Paul Lissona Sep 14, 2012
There's good enough differences of you even lightly pay attention.
Bala Uncc Sep 10, 2012
Why do they make 3,5 and 7 series look the same expect the size ( for instance the taillights).
Enzo Molfino Maggi May 07, 2013
supra_mkiv Sep 10, 2012
Neat but I think an interior without monitors is nicer since everyone has a smartphone or tablet to do stuff now
Matthew Malyapa Sep 09, 2012
Both are equally impressive but I still like this more
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
@nick that's normal for high performance logos to be all over. Caddy, merc,audi, jag BMW, all do it, and that's only the luxury makers I'm listing...
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
i mean nvm theirs the TV
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
Its just overdone One V12 on the front and another behind the head rest would look clean
Jeffrey Frank Sep 09, 2012
This V12 treatment is way more drastic than the M treatment. The M treatment is really not much different than AMG or V in the competition.
Nick Smith Sep 09, 2012
Think about it, this is the same car company that slaps an "M" badge wherever they can.
Jeffrey Frank Sep 09, 2012
Agree that the V12 treatment does not match the class of car.
Jason Brown Sep 09, 2012
Yes everything looks nice, but went over board with the V12 thing. Do they think you will forget it is a V12 special edition considering the amount of money you have to drop to get or be wait listed for a while, if you can be on the wait list at all?
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
I agree Jason. But I do like the piping on the seat
Jason Brown Sep 09, 2012
All the V12 writing in/on the car is so tacky...
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
I think Audi and BMW both interiors good, but it better be good genuine leather since im payin 160k for it
Matthew Malyapa Sep 09, 2012
U going to keep saying that?
Carlton Salmon Sep 10, 2012
At least the logo here is nice and subtle.
Jin Lee Sep 09, 2012
The Buttons beside this knob?
Theviper007 Sep 09, 2012
The steering wheel i guess?