Comments - 45 Fisker Karmas Charge Up in Holland

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: The Fisker Karma may not be an exotic supercar as exciting as, say, a Ferrari or a McLaren F1, but its exclusivity means it's still a relatively rare sighting on the road. Seeing more than one in...
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Ashen Fonseka Sep 09, 2012
There all the same in the exterior adjust the paint is different
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
There is a small store in town an the owner has one, so I see it parked every once in a while, very cool car
Harrison Armstrong Sep 09, 2012
I actually saw one for the first time yesterday.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Sep 09, 2012
Seriously, have never seen one in my life
Description: What's more is that they all charged their batteries together, breaking the previous record of 43 electric vehicles charging at the same time. Both endeavors surely put a drain on the local power...
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Cody Jacques Sep 10, 2012
I watched 10 seconds and the stopped. Why? because I realized I dont care. Neither does anyone else
Nadir Siddiqui Sep 10, 2012
that's more than 5 million dollars worth of cars right there......
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 10, 2012
It would have been sick if they parked these in a field of dank and I just happened to be right in the middle of it.
Bobby Comment Sep 09, 2012
They couldn't do this in the USA bc no fire chief would approve the gathering.
Timothy Hooker Sep 09, 2012
the real question is...was the local fire dept up to the challenge
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
These are great cars, but I think sales are going (already have?) to take a HUGE hit with the recent fires and publicized unreliability ( consumers report's car broke down on the first time they drove it)
Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
I like this car but i would never buy one
Ben August Sep 09, 2012
Does it seem slightly idiotic, that they gathered a bunch of cars known to cause fires, and then stuck them all in a field?
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 09, 2012
Thats why I had a no electricity today
Jay Kolvenbag Sep 11, 2012
Dat dark red colour......
Dillon Magee Sep 09, 2012
Also world record for the biggest fire hazard...
Jacob Keith Miller Sep 09, 2012
All the rims are positioned the same way
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Well, Chris, they have a Chevy four cylinder and the electric motor in the front (batteries under the floor I think) so they probably have room....then again I haven't see what it looks like under the hood or how big the electric engine is...
Chris Gaines Sep 09, 2012
someone should do a conversion! but I don't think the karma was even engineered to support a full sized engine in the bay..
John Serely Sep 09, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous. If they had made it with a V8 or even a I6, it could do great. Then again, they would not have gotten gov funding..