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Published: Sep 09, 2012
Description: Crocheting and knitting (there's a difference) are activities usually practiced solely by grandmas and artists who usually don't turn their attention towards crocheting cars, preferring ins...
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Description: It's tough to hate on this crocheted Smart ForTwo. On one hand, it's a ForTwo covered in yarn, which is more or less the epitome of lame. On the other hand, it's artistic and colorful, ...
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Bala Uncc Sep 10, 2012
Hopefully no one will step on it thinking it as a mat
Nick Ricci Sep 10, 2012
It's the first ForTwo I'd drive...
Description: Russia is the home of this mysterious and colorful knit car. Like the crocheted ForTwo before it, little is known about this car. What is known is that it makes the dangerous roads of Russia a little ...
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Jerrod Swenson Sep 09, 2012
This car just looks like it would smell like a wet dog.
Malachi Monteiro Sep 09, 2012
So, Hitler is a cat
Jerrod Swenson Sep 09, 2012
Hitler cat is driving that car.
Description: Lauren Porter is the artist behind this amazing yarn Ferrari. Porter used 12 miles of yarn and a steel frame to complete her epic 10-month project. Fun fact: the Ferrari logo on the car was embroidere...
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Ghassan Tosca Shammas Sep 09, 2012
This is not a cover it's a full stuffed car, CHECK THE TIRES
Timothy Hooker Sep 09, 2012
oh wow what a terrible hobby. I have a feeling she is fat
Malachi Monteiro Sep 09, 2012
Fun Fact: the Ferrari logo is pixelated in this picture
Hemmo Karja Sep 09, 2012
Dont see the point
Joseph Gregory Metoyer Sep 09, 2012
This one is great!
Description: Agata Olek is an artist who crochets just about everything you can think of. Olek has covered people, furniture and walls in yarn. She occasionally uses her talents to cover entire cars in yarn, creat...
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