Comments - Matt Farah Drives 700HP RENNtech CLS63 AMG

Published: Sep 08, 2012
Description: After 15 years at AMG, Hartmut Feyhl went solo and set up his own tuning company. RENNtech is what he called it, and today it stands as one of the most revered Mercedes tuners around. In the latest in...
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Description: From ECU remaps to comprehensive street conversions to full-fledged racers, RENNtech does it all.
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Thibault Leroy Sep 09, 2012
I dont like Matt Farrah for some reason, he just irritates me
Jared Palmer Sep 08, 2012
I think Renntech had upgraded a CLK- GTR that was pushing 1200 hp. The car was so damn quick it flipped upside down and killed the driver.
Jared Palmer Sep 08, 2012
I have always loved what Renntech does with MB. Drove a S600 and CL600 about 13 years ago and fell in love with them.
Jon Ashley Sep 08, 2012
That thing is both elagent and mean at the same time. love it!
Luke Bailey Sep 08, 2012
sounds amazing....
Dylan Bruder Sep 08, 2012
Sweet car love it
Jason Brower Sep 08, 2012
They used to, the 5.5 is the new motor for all the 63 cars
Domi Bsaibes Sep 08, 2012
I'm glad to see the headlights of the cls are different than those on the SL
Dillon Magee Sep 08, 2012
My favorite four door coupe.
Justin Routh Sep 08, 2012
They wanted to keep the name. Plus when most people hear 55 insteas of 63 they assume its less powerful
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 08, 2012
I thought all of the "63" designated cars came with the 6.3 liter v8. This has a 5.5 bi turbo
Jon Ashley Sep 08, 2012
I'd rock that any day. Looks even better than the 6 series gran coupe. always has
Bryan Garza Sep 08, 2012
Looks mean but classy