Comments - Track Day Icons: Gumpert Apollo

Published: Sep 07, 2012
Description: With its leather seats, gullwing doors and actual roof, the Apollo is slightly different from the other cars in this series. But the Apollo was designed for the track, and it is every bit as at home o...
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Barry Boo Wilson Sep 07, 2012
Is that really the booty looking paint job on first page?
Paul Dickey Sep 07, 2012
I love love love this car.
rowhan116 Oct 16, 2012
awesome. so awesome...
Yasser Zahabi Sep 08, 2012
I dunno if you guys have seen these in flesh before .. There are 2 round where live .. One white and the other is blue .. The first time i saw them I stopped in my tracks and jaw dropped literally .. They look unbelievably menacing
Ray Garcia Sep 07, 2012
Ridge racer 4 for playstation that's what this car is
Andy Clouthier Sep 07, 2012
But it works well for feeding the engine
Pablo Herasme Sep 07, 2012
The rims look like the blades of a jet engine.
Paul Dickey Sep 07, 2012
Favorite car. Love this.
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
I'm really disappointed to see them one of my favorite cars
Matt Piccolo Sep 07, 2012
I agree, sad to see them go, this car is bad ass!!
Tanton Stoneman Sep 07, 2012
I actually like the way these look.
Donte Perino Sep 07, 2012
I really hope they can come out of bankruptcy.
Description: That's a pretty impressive thing to have on your resume, and it should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of engineering mind which set about creating the Apollo. It is, however, important t...
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Jacob Viiper McCord Sep 08, 2012
RWD is real driving. Not Fail wheel drive or AWD
Description: Starting with the 650 horsepower "base" version of the car, there is also a 750hp trim and then comes the track-only Apollo R and its 850 horsepower. The only available transmission is a twi...
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Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
Don't worry some Chinese guy will buy it because some Chinese guy bought Saab with Spyker for help
Brandon Lidy Sep 07, 2012
The Apollo is awesome, built for purpose. As is Gumpert. How many manufacturers let you choose your gear ratios ? Sad to see em go
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 07, 2012
Says the guy named James Deen
James Deen Stevenson Sep 07, 2012
I would try it lol. Can't picture a better way of going out lolol
Mike Ulickey Sep 07, 2012
Damn that white is gorgeous.
Nick Schnee Sep 07, 2012
I was going to make a stupid comment oabout Capri-Sonne, but then I decided not to as the picture was on here in the last Apollo article as well and someone probably already said it.
Aaron Crisp Sep 07, 2012
Actually Capri sun originates from the sweet nectar juices the Norse car gods would suckle on when they were thirsty.. You guys are all idiots!
supra_mkiv Sep 08, 2012
My opinion is complete vice versa I find the Ferrari more attractive lol
Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
The right by far I love the F40 more than any other Ferrari ever. It's the best and always will be the best. Well maybe the ol California but performance and all the F40 is the best
Justin Routh Sep 07, 2012
Who cares about pickin one this picture is amazing enough
Joshua Sep 07, 2012
F40... It made Enzo crap himself when a tech took him around the track according to a quote of his.
Jon Wheel Sep 07, 2012
Given that over 1000 F40s were produced, I'd take the Apollo for exclusivity. But the F40 is one of the best cars. Ever.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 07, 2012
Well I take both
Matt Piccolo Sep 07, 2012
If the gumpert was in darker blue, yellow or black I think I'd take it, I don't like that color though
Description: On the subject of the design, Gumpert insisted from the outset that the car should be "gorgeous". We'll let you decide for yourselves whether he accomplished this. Whatever you think of...
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Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
It's so extreme looking. It's good and you'd have to like it since the designer wanted it to look so different to other cars. It's brilliant
Jordan Jackson Sep 07, 2012
I don't get that either, it has an original design and it looks amazing, I don't get why people say its ugly
Thibault Leroy Sep 07, 2012
Read the last article alot of people didnt like it. I personaly love it
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 07, 2012
I hadn't heard anyone on here knock it yet. We all seem to like it.
Austin Bride Sep 07, 2012
Why do people knock this? Just because clarkson said he didn't like it? It looks great!
Description: It is currently in the number five position, and it should be noted that the Apollo S which set that time might be the fastest street-legal Apollo, but there is a faster track model available. As far...
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Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
And there's nothing wrong with. That. To bring the price down, anything
Lead Peddalin Sep 07, 2012
Yeah this car is sick.
Mike Ulickey Sep 07, 2012
I love how crazy and exotic this car looks. And the performance goes great with it
Brandon Lidy Sep 07, 2012
Bennie's sense of humor must be gone too ?
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 07, 2012
You mean the black wheels that are on the car?
Michael Davidson Sep 07, 2012
The wheels are gone!!! Haha
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
This color looks great
Description: That said, you've got a radio, A/C, power windows and a navigation system. For such an unapologetically track focused car, that's a lot more equipment than most would expect. So the Apol...
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Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
I think it would since she'd be like wow you car looks.... So different.... I like it
Description: The way to look at the Apollo is to be amazed by how much stuff you get on your track car, rather than how little there is on your road car. It might sound like a cop-out to say something like this, b...
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David Justice Sep 07, 2012
Anything longer than 4 hours and you're suppose to see a doctor.
Kyle Kloewer Sep 07, 2012
No. For a track friendly car like this it's great
Lead Peddalin Sep 07, 2012
Needs an interior designer.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 07, 2012
Thats what she said
Mark Donnelly Sep 07, 2012
that is one big stick
Jason Brower Sep 07, 2012
It's just so.... Beautiful.
Description: The company isn't necessarily doomed, rather getting a restructuring, but the future is in question for them. Let's all hope they can recover from this incident, as it would be a shame for t...
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supra_mkiv Sep 08, 2012
I like this model even though I'm not a fan of the apollo
Ben August Sep 07, 2012
This looks so good !!
Jon Wheel Sep 07, 2012
I see why they call it the "Enraged"
Aaron Crisp Sep 07, 2012
This thing looks so angry and I love it!
Tara Fitria Sep 07, 2012
By far the best looking Apollo
darrellbell24 Sep 07, 2012
this thing is so mean.....ive been offended (in a good way)
Tanner Middleton Sep 07, 2012
i wonder if the wheels on the other side have yellow on the lip! that'd be sick
Eric Dare Sep 07, 2012
Kinda reminds me of the old Mercedes amg clk gtr
Serge Pankratov Sep 07, 2012
I think i might like it more than the Enzo!
Jon Wheel Sep 07, 2012
Agree. Doesn't look so...complicated
Nick Schnee Sep 07, 2012
Best view. In a good way.