Comments - Smart to Send Off Fortwo with Iceshine Edition

Published: Sep 07, 2012
Description: Introduced way back in 1998, the Smart Fortwo is getting ready to say goodbye. We've already seen spy shots of its replacement, but before that comes along, the Mercedes-owned city-carmarker is b...
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Sam Biggin Sep 07, 2012
You can't polish a turd!
Jared Garner Oct 08, 2012
They should change the name from smart car to dumbass car
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
Even though I laugh at people who drive these, it's a neat (in a bad way) car.
Chris Penza Sep 07, 2012
Oh yeah. Every gearhead will
Description: The limited edition model also benefits from LED daytime running lights, a panoramic roof for the coupe and tritop fabric soft top in black for the cabrio. Inside can be found electric windows, a lugg...
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Description: Customers can also choose from a range of options including smart audio system navigation/multimedia, electric power steering, ambient lighting and assistance package with cruise control and trip ...
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Jordan Jackson Sep 07, 2012
I like your thinking Chris, lol
Chris Penza Sep 07, 2012
And a lighted stick of dynamite
Christian De Prisco Sep 07, 2012
Just need a POLIZIA badge on the side