Comments - Chris Harris Doesn’t Love the MX-5

Published: Sep 07, 2012
Description: A few years ago, British auto scribe and perennial video host Chris Harris took his sword to the Mazda MX-5 and was heavily chastised by the roadster's considerable fan base for finding the car u...
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Paul Lissona Sep 14, 2012
Nah I've never liked them for the price, you can get better cars etc.
John Serely Sep 08, 2012
@chris well, your names not Harris so it isnt the same haha
Vincent R Butler Sep 07, 2012
Vincent Butler doesn't like it either!!! Lol jk
Chris Penza Sep 07, 2012
Oh come on guys your names aren't Chris so it's not the same
Hektor Yberg Sep 07, 2012
Chuck Norris doesn't like the miata
Jackson Bond Sep 07, 2012
Jackson bond enjoys them, they're a fun little car!
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
John Serely doesn't mind them, but hopes the next gen will be good.
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
Neither does Colby Church.
Logan LeMonnier Sep 07, 2012
Neither does Logan LeMonnier
Chris Penza Sep 07, 2012
Chris Penza doesn't love it either
Description: In an attempt to see whether he was wrong and do get to the bottom of why the MX-5 is held in such high esteem, Monkey drives the car around some glorious Welsh roads to garner a fresh perspective.
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Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Sep 08, 2012
Who cares what others think or how much a car cost, you buy things because you like them not to compensate for a small penis
Daniel Eads Sep 07, 2012
@Tyler, or maybe they got one because they cared more about the driving feel and less about all out speed.
Jorge Gonzalez Sep 07, 2012
Oh shit you gotta vette? Dam dog I wish a haz vette
Tyler Tarbox Sep 07, 2012
@Colby. Completely agree. The only reason anybody would buy an MX-5 is because they can't afford anything else
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
And one time a guy in a modified one seriously tried racing me and got his feelings hurt. Haha. If you want a real "sports car". Don't buy the same car that your hairdresser drives. Get a car that has a pair and actually looks good.
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
@Daniel Yeah man, I agree with Logan. There's just nothing mean or fierce about it. It's a car that's on par with the beetle. When I see an older guy driving one and I roll up in my vette, it makes me smile, because I know he's wishing he had one.
Tyler James Davis Sep 07, 2012
@Sam My sister drives a jeep cherokee... Does that make it girly?
Logan LeMonnier Sep 07, 2012
@daniel it's tiny and roundish, sort of cute and Girly
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 07, 2012
The 1980's one is the one I would buy.
Daniel Eads Sep 07, 2012
Why do people keep on saying it's a girly car?
David Parenti Sep 07, 2012
This is an older gen of mx5, I doubt he would feel the same about the more recent mazdaspeed mx5 turbo. I test drove one, comparison = go-kart on steroids. Didn't buy it because it had absolutely no trunk space. Fun car though.
Sam Biggin Sep 07, 2012
They are a great drive but yeah my sister has one... Says it all really
Matt Piccolo Sep 07, 2012
I dont really think its girly as long as its been lowered and isn't like baby blue or something lol
Matt Martir Sep 09, 2012
And comparing a miata to a lambo? Cool story "bro".
Matt Martir Sep 09, 2012
Not saying its a magnificent car either. Just tired of people claiming to be gear heads yet they talk sh** about a car they have never even sat in, let alone drive. Its retarted how people base sexual orientation on what type of car you drive.
Jake Marra Sep 09, 2012
Omg thats sooo cool bro stop trying to defend it its just an ok car not good but not exactly bad either and trucks arent exactly built to go fast lets see who likes more better your miata or my lambo?
Matt Martir Sep 09, 2012
I know a guy with a 2nd gen miata. Has pistons, megasquirt, 12-14psi and it walks corvettes all day. 300whp
Mario Callirgos Sep 08, 2012
The poor mans s2k. I would totally invest in an MX5 and soup it up
Matt Martir Sep 08, 2012
Its still a unique car. 100whp and rwd. Kinda fun dropping into 3rd at 55mph and walking a chevy 1500 with that big "american v8 power". Power:weight ratio baby!
Matt Martir Sep 08, 2012
Driving a slow car fast, throwing gears with the top back in a small car. I own a 91 miata thats lowered. And i get more compliments on the car. Youd be surprised how many times ive had someone ask "what kind of car is that?" even tho it sold alot,
Matt Martir Sep 08, 2012
Kinda funny how everyone says it has no balls. It was never meant to have balls. Its based off a lotus elan. This was the only car that came out in the 90's that resembled a 1960's british roadster. It sold so well because people like the feeling of
Kevin Blockley Sep 08, 2012
No doubt , it's a great roadster , utilizing the most economics to the fullest . And that's about it.and it appeals to most woman.and I couldn't be caught dead driving one , or a mini , beetle , hyundai veloster.looks over function .gimi a Gti
Chris Penza Sep 07, 2012
The old boxster is girly. The new one is pretty sweet
Jackson Bond Sep 07, 2012
Not powerful, but how many Rwd convertibles can you find for under $5,000? The things easily go to 300,000
Logan LeMonnier Sep 07, 2012
Like he said these are good cars but overhyped. There a million things I'd rather buy
Shelby Cassandra Sep 07, 2012
Don't blame him for not liking it. No power, sounds horrible, and looks like an idiot designed it.
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
I agree, Sebastian. I saw the rear of one for a bit, and it was great
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 07, 2012
It really does and when compared to the 1st model... Its like comparing a foxbody mustang to a '69 gt350.
Sebastian Grey Sep 07, 2012
Oh my god I just saw a new Boxter yesterday and it looks so damn brilliant.
John Serely Sep 07, 2012
I really hope Mazda turns this into something besides a "girl car" kinda like Porsche did with the new boxster
Matt Piccolo Sep 07, 2012
Lower it a bit and it's nice
James McMahon Sep 07, 2012
Looks like Shaniqua ate everything that came out of that paper bag...
Logan LeMonnier Sep 07, 2012
@devin someone had to say it
Devin Babyn Sep 07, 2012
Lmao not trying to be mean or anything but your name is a stereotype