Comments - Viper GTS Launch Edition Live at Pebble Beach

Published: Sep 06, 2012
Description: Chrysler's SRT division recently released initial details and photos of the new 2013 Viper GTS Launch Edition ahead of its live debut at Pebble Beach Concours.
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Jeffrey Frank Sep 06, 2012
I liked it better in the red color shown in the original photos floating around. Doesn't look as refined here.
Carlton Salmon Sep 06, 2012
I was expecting the black panel at the back to be finished in carbon fibre like the other cars we've seen, and not in satin black which cheapens it IMO.
Elias Harb Sep 06, 2012
It looks cool but what i dnt like is the chrome rims
Alexander Garcia Sep 06, 2012
Not sure if I'm digging it... I'd still love to see it drive by but not digging the look. :/
Thomas Opie Taylor Sep 06, 2012
WILL add to my collection very soon
Shawn Sullivan Sep 06, 2012
Amazing car! I wish I had money!
Description: For those that didn't make it to the unveiling at The Quail, perennial supercar videographer BrianZuk has released this video, capturing the previously unseen interior as well as a brief driving ...
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Zachary Maurer Sep 06, 2012
Ya, I was hoping autumn so motortrend could make it look awesome and drift it through leaves and crap, lol, but they might wait till spring cause any states above Georgia get some snow, and they would get screwd over if it was released in january
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
@zachaury that's what I thought. I thought maybe late October, but if it's anytime after that, im not sure they will turn it loose during the winter, so hopefully before then
Zachary Maurer Sep 06, 2012
I thought either late 2012 or early spring
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
Anyone know when the viper is hitting dealerships?
Description: As per the standard 2013 Viper, the GTS Launch Edition is powered by an all-aluminum 8.4-liter V-10 with 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. The Launch Edition's exclusive interior featu...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 07, 2012
The blue and white doesnt work like it used to...
Vince Cassi Sep 06, 2012
The viper is really growing on me. IMO it looks much better in a single tone color.
Dillon Magee Sep 06, 2012
Awesome. And neither can I.
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
This is gorgeous, I can't wait to read some reviews of it.
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
I must say this car has grow on me since it's release, but I'm still not liking the rear
Pablo Herasme Sep 06, 2012
Reminds me of the past gens, really like it.
Charlie Bell Sep 06, 2012
This now is by far my favarouite car I simply love this viper