Comments - New Acura NSX to Race in Joint GT Series?

Published: Sep 06, 2012
Description: The history of the NSX is based as much in motor racing as it is in showrooms and city streets. The original competed at Le Mans, in Japan's own Super GT series and in several others. Honda was p...
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John Serely Sep 06, 2012
Still not a fan of the beak, but besides that looks pretty good
Zijad Mejra Hrnjic Sep 06, 2012
Sort of copied Audi R8 front. Just a little bit.
Matt Greenlee Sep 06, 2012
that stupid chrome strip that goes across the grill annoys the shit out of me. I love everything else though
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
Get rid of the Acura TL front
MissLaura Anne Sep 06, 2012
Everything on that car is perfect!!
Boyd Boudreaux Sep 06, 2012
I hope that front end does not make it to production everything else is perfect
Description: So where should we expect to see a racing-spec NSX dicing it up with other motorsport machinery? Honda hasn't been too specific, except to say that it will be in some form of GT racing. A related...
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Terrance Parker Sep 06, 2012
One can only hope to see this machine in an American racing series. Have we even seen testing of it yet? I'm sire that the developement is much further along than most of us can imagine however, if they are planning on doing some racing that's usually hard to hide.
Description: Several questions remain unanswered at this point, including what name the new series will take and what types of cars it will run. Both will surely include GT racers like the new NSX, Porsche 911 and...
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Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
I love his angle
darrellbell24 Sep 06, 2012
it reminds me of a mix between a Mclaren and an Aston Martin. I don't know why but it does...
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Love it in silver, the red doesn't do it justice
Hemmo Karja Sep 06, 2012
Its so freaking stupid to compare cars, like this looks like that and that and a lil like that. Of course there might be SOMETHING similiar to some other car ,and thats mainly because there is like bazillion different cars..
Colby Church Sep 06, 2012
The all new Acura R8. Lol. There are original styling cues on this car, but the shape does bear a resemblance to the R8's. It's alright looking, but I'm not a fan of the silver. Yellow might make it look better. And the headlights should be meaner.
Camilo Saldarriaga Sep 06, 2012
The front shapes the Audi R8..
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
I agree Jackson, very original, I don't get where people see r8 in it? Either way I LOVE it though! :)
Jackson Michael Sep 06, 2012
It really doesn't look like anything else. Very original.
Walker Carroll Sep 06, 2012
Please don't compare it. It looks like a freaking NSX
Joshua Rutkowski Apr 20, 2013
Dem wheels.
Cham Khiev Sep 10, 2012
put this beast into production lol
Sam Saechao Sep 06, 2012
Hsv-010 is way better than the new nsx
Darren Nardo Sep 06, 2012
Like this way better than the street version!
Andy Clouthier Sep 06, 2012
Seriously Harrison? Check the previous comments.
Harrison Trapnell Sep 06, 2012
Different lights, different body (the parts that are not camouflaged) and different body shape (ignoring the camo). This isn't an NSX
Kevin Rehbock Sep 06, 2012
This was the new NSX for a while. But damn, imagine this thing as a street legal racer
Colby Church Sep 06, 2012
This looks better than the new NSX IMO. This looks meaner and faster. The new NSX is too tame and refined.
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 06, 2012
Nsx, HSV-015 Skyline, GTR same thing
Matthew Malyapa Sep 06, 2012
I agreee with mark this looked amazing but then they didnt make it :(
Mark Moreno Sep 06, 2012
it should've been the NSX.
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
No the old ones looked better than this from the rear, those lights are terrible
Colby Church Sep 06, 2012
Looks better than any NSX.
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Yea it is a 350 behind the nsx, the black car on the top is another supra as well (turn your phone sideways)
supra_mkiv Sep 06, 2012
Super GT is awesome
Treston Ott Sep 06, 2012
And that looks like a 350 behind the nsx
Treston Ott Sep 06, 2012
If I could have one car that was discontinued to have back it would be the toyota supra!
Treston Ott Sep 06, 2012
@Walker thats a supra in the top right corner
Walker Carroll Sep 06, 2012
No those are NSX
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Looks like a supra In the top right their