Comments - Guthrie Flips Mustang in Vegas

Published: Sep 06, 2012
Description: Former Indy Racing League driver Jim Guthrie has had a rough go as of late,. Last year he crashed his Chevy-powered Mazda RX-7 - twice - and this year is turning out to be no better as he just wrecked...
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Graham Browne Sep 07, 2012
Formula D license. Lol
Matthew Malyapa Sep 06, 2012
yea its him that was a sick rx-7
Justin Walak Sep 06, 2012
Is this the guy who did the drifting in the other bike vs. car drift video thread? The first icon video? Pretty sure it is. Said he'd only been drifting a year in that video.
Description: YouTube user Dan Brockett, who uploaded the clip, said it best: "JTP from Hotline built one hell of a [roll]cage!" Though he says the custom-built Mustang should be salvageable, Guthrie&apos...
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Aj White Apr 14, 2013
The track officials are just like, "Oh another one, did you see the game last night"? Lol
Jarred Pahl Sep 08, 2012
Ouch why would he not turn the weels and pull the e brake?!?
Oscar Vaca Sep 08, 2012
his name is VAUGHN GITTIN JR.
Alex Mabbott Sep 07, 2012
Haha, that's what you get for thinking drifting is cool.
Oscar Vaca Sep 06, 2012
Rocky Rocker Sep 06, 2012
It's all out or nothing... Guess all out comes at a great expense...
Lyomp Sep 06, 2012
Lol this guy needs a career change
Quint Do Sep 06, 2012
Hahahahaahahahaaha stupid mustang driver
Darren Nardo Sep 06, 2012
Vincent YouTube Vaughn Griffin Jr. To see just how well a Mustang drifts even the Jap drifters respect him AND his Mustang. Does anyone know why he would loose his drift license for this or a similar accident ?? Not sure of the rules???
James Henry Sep 06, 2012
LOL, I love how whenever there's a crash video on here; everyone else knows exactly what the person did "wrong" and how much of an "idiot" they are. If you guys were in his shoes, Chances are you would crashed way sooner...
Justin Brest Sep 06, 2012
Ahem... Saying that, it looked like one of the "softer" ways to flip a car!
Justin Brest Sep 06, 2012
Wait... So a person who gets paid to drive a car to its limits had an accident?! Craaazy.... Lol at the Monday morning quarterbacks here.... "shoulda had more ebrake, gas, break, came into the turn wrong...". If any of you were right you'd be a damn race car driver, wouldn't ya?
Vincent R Butler Sep 06, 2012
@Tommy. I was being sarcastic!! And No I don't. I don't Watch Tv. Or go online Much.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 06, 2012
Looks like this guy needs to go back to drivers training.
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
That was a nasty crash. I bet that took the fun out of his day.
Oscar Vaca Sep 06, 2012
thus happened 2 seconds after sitting down in the stands. it was crazy and took 30 minutes to clean up.
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
@Michael... Idk about that under steer, if u look closely he literally came out the last turn got scared and just Locked up the breaks his front tires weren't turned, he chickened out on the transition and payed for it
Tommy Plunkert Sep 06, 2012
Haha Vincent obviously doesn't know much, ever heard of Vaughn Griffin Jr.?
Vincent R Butler Sep 06, 2012
For drifting in a Mustang = Drivers Error
chikenbag Sep 06, 2012
dang, that was cool
Brendan Morreale Sep 06, 2012
Pull the freakin' e-brake!!
Michael Gallagher Sep 06, 2012
Not bad, but could have been MORE EPIC! That is one fast piece of machinery
Michael Beach Sep 06, 2012
It was his fault. He came in too fast, got too hard on the brakes and under steered into the wall. You can't ask the front tires to be in a full lock trying to slow the car AND steer too.
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Sep 06, 2012
As much as people will call him an idiot for not handling this car it wasn't all his fault. The car never got grip when he tried to turn and slid right into them.
Aj White Apr 14, 2013
Air cooled
Tara Fitria Sep 09, 2012
Where's the radiator?
Jarred Pahl Sep 08, 2012
With a good driver
Jarred Pahl Sep 08, 2012
Nice car with a hood driver
Nick Benz Sep 06, 2012
Haha yea you dont get that from shutter speed. Notice the smoke from the back tires also
Jimmy Bartolotta Sep 06, 2012
He's pulling the handbrake to lock the back tires up and swig the rear out. This did happen at a drift event
Michael Beach Sep 06, 2012
Interesting shutter speed here. The background and front tires are motion blurred but the rear tires are still
Michael Upchurch Sep 06, 2012
Love that supra in the back! Use to have one.