Comments - Bugatti-Besting 1226hp Cadillac CTS-V by Hennessey

Published: Sep 06, 2012
Description: Nobody ever said that the Cadillac CTS-V really needed more power, but that wouldn't phase someone like John Hennessey. And so he and his team built this: the Hennessey VR1200 Twin Turbo. Boastin...
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statusone Sep 07, 2012
henessey makes a lot of promises, id like to see them actually do it. getting a light car with 1000+ horsepower off the line isnt exactly sinple. i doubt their cars can put down more than 600 on the road
Thibault Leroy Sep 07, 2012
@John no the base is 2.5
Dillon Magee Sep 07, 2012
And didn't the Bugatti president or someone say that the gablier will have 1000+ hp? Something about how Bugatti shouldn't mess with triple digit power?
John Jenkins Sep 06, 2012
isnt the BASE (lol) veyron 2.9? and the ss 2.5? I could just be wrong
Abraham Mendoza Sep 06, 2012
It competes with the GALIBER concept which should have about 900 hp.
Devin Babyn Sep 06, 2012
They're saying it beats what ever the hell their new sedan is
Brandon Lidy Sep 06, 2012
Most companies refer to the 0-60-0 times when they say "Bugatti beating". At least from what I've seen
Kyle Janchenko Sep 06, 2012
The title makes it sound like it's the HP figures that beat Bugatti.
Walker Carroll Sep 06, 2012
Because it is probably faster 0-100 and times like thst
Thibault Leroy Sep 06, 2012
Carbuzz why say "Bugatti besting" when the veyron is both faster in acceleration and top speed?
Muhammad Khan Sep 06, 2012
Awesome although you can just reduce the weight of it so it goes faster.
Serge Pankratov Sep 06, 2012
Jrise beat me to it but ill say it again ANERICA F**K YEAH!!!
Matt Sutton Sep 06, 2012
Read the whole thing patrick.
Patrick R. Manuel Sep 06, 2012
Wrong info. It's 1,066 Rear wheel horsepower and 964 rear wheel torque. This info is from henessey themselves.
Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
It looks like the devil. I am getting one.
Nour Ahmad Sep 23, 2012
I recently got my CTS-V sedan and I LOVE IT! it's the best out of xfR jag, E63 Benz, and the Bmw M5.. Awesome power and craps on almost anything out there. Last week a farrari 458 Italia tried to show off and I was on him like white on rice!!
Cody Gillard Sep 15, 2012
colby i couldnt agree with you more i would rather have the coupe than the sedan
canon4487 Sep 11, 2012
@dave: i respect a mans opinion.. bit ur telling me you would not love to own this car? money aside..
Kris C. Lopez Sep 11, 2012
Actually Colby it's pretty easy. Sure the coupe looks great on alot of angles but some are just awkward whereas the coupe just has better proportions.
Pompey Paul Sep 08, 2012
That's why I like Hennessy, their motto bish bash bosh
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
*everyone hate the coupe so much in favor of the sedan. I think the coupe looks much better, it looks more haunched in the rear and the sloping roof and rear design just looks amazing. If you've ever seen it in person, it's hard not to like it.
Cody Gillard Sep 07, 2012
gorgeous love the hood
Dave Lewis Sep 07, 2012
its the most hideous piece of shit I've seen in ages!
Michael Fasanello Sep 06, 2012
If you don't love this car you're a pussy.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 06, 2012
I love this thing. It just has the right message.
Jeffrey Frank Sep 06, 2012
The look of these cars just does not do it for me. Gotta give props for the performance tho.
Parker Leach Sep 06, 2012
They should have used the wagon.
Thomas Isnt Green Sep 06, 2012
Mr crabs do t bother sitting down you will just shot yourself when you see this
Andrew Hossann Sep 06, 2012
Oh yes! Come to papa
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
It has 345's in the rear... Not many tires wider than that! Lol
Jason Brower Sep 06, 2012
Lower it, put wider all black wheels on it and you've got yourself a beautiful thing,
Dillon Dixon Sep 06, 2012
this is just evil! I am completely in love! And for you sedan people, Hennessy is wanting to do the same upgrade to sedan and wagon variants. All of this in a wagon would be the coolest family car ever!
Aaron Crisp Sep 06, 2012
He actually did use the right form of your... C'mon meow no grammar nazis today.
Carlton Salmon Sep 06, 2012
Reminds me of the Mad Max Interceptor. Totally bonkers but in a very good way.
Serge Pankratov Sep 06, 2012
I really dislike the CTS-V coupe.. But i would take this in a heartbeat, buy a sedan and swap it out lol
Matthew Midgley Sep 06, 2012
So matty if someone offered me the keys to that I would pass I hate Caddys
Paul Dickey Sep 06, 2012
No shit Matty. But that's not the point.
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
I'd take any car on here if someone gave it to me, doesn't mean some aren't ugly
Matty Michaels Sep 06, 2012
But you'd all take it in a heartbeat if someone handed you the keys.
Steve Waskiewicz Sep 06, 2012
Rather vulgar. :( The sedan is so much better looking. Awesome specs though!
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 06, 2012
This is gorgeous
Craig Lafey Sep 06, 2012
That is awesome!!!
Janak Solanki Sep 06, 2012
This looks a little grotesque.
James McMahon Sep 06, 2012
Right I love the Sedan so much more
Stephen Cobbs Sep 06, 2012
Damn I thought it was the sedan. The coupe is just awkward.
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Shits perfect the way it is
Brady Fereday Sep 06, 2012
It needs different wheels I don't like that chrome and black look straight color wheels are more elegant to me
Trey Villarreal Sep 06, 2012
Yeah, I'd drive it.
Description: Available as a stick-shift with a centerforce dual friction clutch upgrade or an automatic (which costs an additional $20,000), the final output of the twin-turbo Caddy at the wheels is still a tire-s...
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Ben Norton Sep 07, 2012
14% is incredible. The average is somewhere around 20-30, and the veyron loses wayyyy more. Power at the crank is around 2500
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
14% drivetrain loss is not bad...
Jesse Weis Sep 06, 2012
Minus about 175 hp??? Thats. Not. Very. Good.
Patrick R. Manuel Sep 06, 2012
Oh so it makes the previous HP number at the crank not the wheels. Comprende.
Description: Hennessey claims performance times of 0-60 in 2.9 seconds (if you can get all that power down to the rear wheels) and an awe-inspiring top speed of 242mph. It can run the quarter-mile in an impressive...
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Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
With drag slicks this car would run in the low 9's all day long no problem.
Joe Johnston Sep 07, 2012
Saw this at Houston cars and coffee last weekend.
Austin Bride Sep 07, 2012
Nah The ssc is still the fastest rear drive
Ben Norton Sep 07, 2012
Plus it's hard to launch well with low profile tires. Drag set up cars usually have much larger tires with huge sidewalls and low air pressure
Graham Browne Sep 07, 2012
Street tyres and weight, 10 seconds is fast for a comfortable road car!
Scotty Gee Sep 07, 2012
How does a car with 1000+ HP still take 10 seconds to do the quarter mile? I would have thought it'd be a bit quicker than that.
Kyle Rawn Sep 06, 2012
@ Jason. Touché sir. But I bet if you even go near the gas pedal with 1200hp, if someone doesn't know what they're doing, they're probably spun out and halfway across the track. Lol
Kyle Rawn Sep 06, 2012
@josh, didn't think of the consistency and smoothness of g limits. Thanks for that point. And I know what you mean about no one researching anything. It really irritates me so I do it when I try to make a point.
Jason Brower Sep 06, 2012
Not to mention, that was the stock set up. I'm assuming this car has reduced weight, a much stiffer chassis, and larger and stickier tires. This thing could probably pull a lot more on the skid pad now.
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
Having a car be able to pull big g's is legit, but being able to pull them consistently and with confidence-inspiring stability is another matter entirely. Props Kyle, very few people actually research anything anymore, even things they like.
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
That's true Kyle, it doesn't pull Viper g's--cuz its so freaking heavy and luxury sedans are supposed to be. But I was pointing out that the technology of their magnetorheological suspension is second to none--so much that Ferrari is leasing it!
Kyle Rawn Sep 06, 2012
After reading up, I got reports of 0.89g-0.92g, which is good for domestics, but Honda still has it bested with their 1996 Integra Type R. Or is it better than those reports say?
Camilo Saldarriaga Sep 06, 2012
@Nick me neither
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Nick an Bennie are just uneducated idiots fishing for attention
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
@Ben--no curves, eh? Go read up about their suspension. Either you're ignorant or Ferrari is... Hmm...
Zaire Wilkins Sep 06, 2012
damn 500hp to each wheel i wonder how a 2,000hp AWD would go in a straight line
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
Just make sure the road your on doesn't have any turns
Mladen Sakotic Sep 06, 2012
@nick. I totally agree. I'm just glad I'm not the only one thinking it
Nick Ennis Sep 06, 2012
I wouldn't trust a gm at 240 mph
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
He's just trollin'... Those tires come stock on Z06, ZR1, GT2, and GT3. And at stock config, this thing is already pretty aerodynamic.
Tara Fitria Sep 06, 2012
Nix the NASCAR reference to the spoiler.
Tara Fitria Sep 06, 2012
I think small animal spatula in the front will keep the front from lifting at top speed, it looks pretty low and the nascar style duck tail spoiler and rear diffuser look as if they could function.
John P Jerse Sep 06, 2012
No way that thing could get to 240 mph without the wheels exploding or the car lifting off
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
It's 1000hp in a rwd street car, not easy putting that kind of power down with just 2 wheels
Alex Renaud Sep 06, 2012
A 10 second car is fast, but I expected more from over 1000HP at the wheels. Perhaps that's with street tires, and it could pull low 9s with drag radials.
Kris C. Lopez Sep 11, 2012
Well it look better if it were flatter a little and then it would look like the Cien concept caddy should just make that
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
I love the rear of the CTS-V Coupe. It looks incredible. So edgy and fierce, hunched up like it's ready to launch forward at any second. :)
Matt Piccolo Sep 07, 2012
Lol yes I do know and maybe tiny bit but not near as bad as this!
Cody Gillard Sep 07, 2012
pardon me but i dont really like that spoiler but take it off and its a nice rear end
Max Ignatyev Sep 07, 2012
Yeah this thing is ugly! Its literally a fatt-ass car.
Abraham Mendoza Sep 06, 2012
Well you do know its based off the sedan right? The Honda Accord coupe has the same problem.
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
The rear is so big! It should b about half that size lol
Description: Check out Hennessey Performance's Hennessey CTS-VR Twin Turbo Coupe roar on the dyno in the clip below and check-out the black bullet in the photos below.
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Jared Oteri Sep 08, 2012
I think we are on to something boys lol lets start a cult and tell Jared from subway he can't join cause he is to mainstream
Jared Palmer Sep 07, 2012
And there are now four.
David Liebe Hart Sep 07, 2012
First six gears are just wheel spin hahaha
Jared Millstead Sep 07, 2012
AND spelt the same!
Jared Millstead Sep 07, 2012
wow! three jareds. that's rare. nice caddy btw.
Graham Browne Sep 07, 2012
Build a station wagon version and set the world record for fastest wagon.
David Liebe Hart Sep 06, 2012
This is so unnecessary, yet I want it so bad
Jesse Weis Sep 06, 2012
Meh...not really my thing.
Preston Ming Sep 06, 2012
a little disappointed in the video..sweet, it smoked the tires on the dyno! then all you get is pics of someone driving it?!? good advertisement right that 10 sec 1/4 mile you or gtfo haha
Jared Michael Scalla Sep 06, 2012
Heart of courage would have been an awesome song for this.
Michael Beach Sep 06, 2012
It was smoking the tires on the dyno o.O
Jared Oteri Sep 06, 2012
A video of pictures....... No thanks I would rather see it destroying tires
Cody Gillard Sep 15, 2012
i cant even imagine trying to drive that every time i do i crash it on accident
Chris Kleyweg Sep 09, 2012
Cool car. Terrible video. Would like to hear it from something other than what sounds like a go pro.
Paul Roberts Sep 07, 2012
They keep making car like this with 1200 horsepower. It's a big waste! Nobody can use that. It burns the tires and gas. These cars where never designed for all of that engine
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
The hood looks beast and awesome? And how in the hell do you people like the sedan better than this badass piece of coupe booty?
Justin Walak Sep 06, 2012
*hood. And the sedans are nicer. I want a cts-v like yesterday.
Justin Walak Sep 06, 2012
Good is ugly but this car is sick.
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
Tyler I couldn't agree more
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
@tara.. Great way to put it in perspective
Tyler Tarbox Sep 06, 2012
Sedan looks much much better.
Tara Fitria Sep 06, 2012
I think this looks awesome (like a manly Acura rsx) and it Probably sounds amazing, Iike it's going to eat nature for breakfast lunch and dinner with an extra side of Greenpeace topped with a chocolate covered panda.
Danny Burns Sep 06, 2012
I agree.. Don't like the 2 door.
Janak Solanki Sep 06, 2012
Looks like a Lego car. I think the CTS-V sedan looks so much cleaner.
Brady Fereday Sep 06, 2012
Sure is sexy I love the door handles
Graham Browne Sep 07, 2012
If they made a 2013 MadMax this would be his car.
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
These thing look do out of proportion! The rear is way too big/tall, not a fan!
Brandon Lidy Sep 06, 2012
Yeah the ass end looks out of place in pictures. Looks better in person but still a little big
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
It's like someone scaled up the rear end on this thing. It's like 3ft higher than the front
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 06, 2012
Hell with pretty that is mean!
Colby Church Sep 07, 2012
Best picture. This thing is gorgeous.
Cody Gillard Sep 07, 2012
from this view i like the spoiler but no other
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 06, 2012
That does look mean
Ben Norton Sep 08, 2012
Sleepers aren't supposed to look stock under the hood buddy!
Jason Brower Sep 06, 2012
Because nothing says sleeper like HENESSEY TWIN TURBO on a giant strut brace, or a massive bov, or a giant fuel rail, or a huge intercooler and intake piping...
Brady Fereday Sep 06, 2012
Awww thank you Nathan that makes sense now they should have . in between the letters than I would have known it was an abbreviation lol
Matthew Michael Gamez Sep 06, 2012
Are those stock coil packs? -___- besides that it's one he'll of a sleeper besides the bov
Nathan Curtis Sep 06, 2012
@Brady: Fuel Air Spark Technology
Craig Lafey Sep 06, 2012
Freaking gorgeous
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
That the maker of the intake manifold
Brady Fereday Sep 06, 2012
I don't think that fast emblem is needed the Hennessy emblem says enough for its speed lol
Paul Roberts Sep 07, 2012
Nothing classy like wearing a nice suit then strapping into your car so you don't die
Cody Gillard Sep 07, 2012
4 point safety harness imagine looking inside one of those it just screams "drive me or i will kill you"
Brian Johnston Sep 07, 2012
@rich this thing does amazing on tracks stock.
Rueben J Yslas Sep 07, 2012
@rich Ferrari is using the same suspension technology gm made for this car. So this car handles extremely well.
Rich Vuchetich Sep 07, 2012
that is the best thing Cadillac has ever done. I bet the Veyron will still spank it though. The American cars are notorious for poor handling.
Domenic Sergi-Holt Sep 06, 2012
Those seats are heated and cooled, next picture shows the buttons for the climate controlled seats. I assume they didn't just leave the buttons in if it didn't work.
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
That's a leaf. Wow nice
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
I thinks it's cool to have her here. Ive been on car buzz for about 2 years now, and I've never seen a girl post such educated comments. It's usually, wow thats pretty or something like that. Welcome aboard Tara nice to have you here
Josh Negron Sep 06, 2012
Most comfortable 6 pt I've ever seen!
Tommy Plunkert Sep 06, 2012
Luxury and the six point harness don't go to well together
Tara Fitria Sep 06, 2012
I like the interior, my personal preference would be the dry carbon fiber in place of the high gloss cf. i wonder if these seats have heating.
Duncan Gibson Nov 21, 2012
This is kinda ridiculous.