Description: The Audi RS 5 first appeared exclusively as a two-door coupe back at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and has served as one of the Ingolstadt-based firm's most popular models in the current lineup of h...
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supra_mkiv Sep 06, 2012
I like Audi don't get me wrong; I just would like their models more if they didn't look so similar to the modern VWs. Every time I see an Audi it makes me think it's just a VW even though it isn't.
Luke Giusto Sep 10, 2012
This is an awesome looking car. wish i could have it
Bugatti Aficionado Sep 07, 2012
Audi is for those who want to be cutting edge & want to be different and not like everyone (BMW) else.
Bugatti Aficionado Sep 07, 2012
Audi & BMW are both awesome automobiles. BMW has been on the map longer than Audi in regards to quality.Audi has really stepped it up in the past 10 years.For a rear wheel drive BMW handling is superb but BMW Xdrive does not want to see Audi Quattro
Alex Renaud Sep 07, 2012
If the car in this photo were white, it would remind me of a Storm Trooper.
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
True David, very true
David Mikolyzk Sep 06, 2012
M3 is great but try driving it in the winter (at least where I live). This can easily be a DD all year.
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
I agree doghra, I'd take the m3
Zachary Maurer Sep 06, 2012
I agree with Matt, both BMW and Audi carry over similar design cues from one car to another, but I think audis in general are better looking, especially this car
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
I'd take this over the m3! These are absolutely beautiful!!!
rossi46 Sep 06, 2012
agree, but not stunning like a proton :)
Matthew Malyapa Sep 06, 2012
i agree but although they are similar they look great!
rossi46 Sep 06, 2012
its an a3 or an a4 or a6. I know audi make nice cars, but they all look kinda similar.
Description: Set for its official debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show later this month, the RS 5 Cabriolet makes use of Audi's dynamic and free-flowing design language along with a high-revving naturally aspir...
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Description: An aluminum appearance has been used for the cabrio's grille, side mirror housings and decorative trim strips around the windows while a lightweight cloth roof complete with a special foam layer ...
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John Serely Sep 06, 2012
@zachary yep, your right
Zachary Maurer Sep 06, 2012
@john, yes, but only a very small percentage of cars, and 458s are handcrafted in smaller numbers than the a5 (rs/cabriolet)
Dillon Magee Sep 06, 2012
And they look better. At least IMO.
John Serely Sep 06, 2012
@zachary some times the hardtop convertible is lighter than a soft top (458 spider etc)
Chris Johnson Sep 06, 2012
Agreed, its not like they dont have access to folding hardtop technology, VW put one on the Eos.
Dale Heller Sep 06, 2012
Still a rag top in a premium convertible??? Not for me
Harrison Trapnell Sep 06, 2012
:O Speechless. New favourite german car? I think I still like the S63 AMG more. But this is amazing!
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
This looks bad ass! I'd take one in a watt beat
Paul Dickey Sep 06, 2012
Yepp those lights look pretty old fashion to me.
rossi46 Sep 06, 2012
love the colour.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 06, 2012
Today looks great, tomorrow looks old fashioned, like all audis ( except the previous RS4 )
Craig Lafey Sep 06, 2012
Very nice. Would buy one in a heart beat
Description: In addition, a honeycomb screen insert houses two large tailpipes while the trunk-lid sees a matte carbon spoiler lip increase downforce on the open-top performance car. The German convertible measure...
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Nicholas Trikounakis Sep 08, 2012
I know good engines stay around but a 4k pound all wheel drive automatic should at least have 400 pounds of torque, I mean c'mon. 485 HP 380-400 TQ 0-60 in 4.1 that would have been epic. It's losing to the S4 for Christ sake.
Nicholas Trikounakis Sep 08, 2012
The A5 line is one of the most gorgeous compilation of cars ever made, so that comment is ridiculous. Audi has a twin turbo V8, that is going into there cars now, why not tune that and throw it in there. Or simply give this V8 more torque
Zachary Maurer Sep 06, 2012
Read slower people
Syafiq Hakim Sep 06, 2012
0-62mph not in 4 second!!, but in 0.4 second!!!..haha
Dillon Magee Sep 06, 2012
It says 0.4 seconds slower...
Ryan Spencer Sep 06, 2012
Apparently, these are the fastest road-going vehicles ever made: 0-62mph in 0.4 seconds...
Redge Diakité Sep 06, 2012
@Nicholas Tin What are y'all saying? Maybe it's an old engine but remember it revs to 8,500rpm. And talking old engines Lamborghini and Ferrari's V12 do you know how old they are? And aren't they Still kicking ass? ;)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 06, 2012
U hav to remember that they can't make it faster than an R8
Tin Nguyen Sep 06, 2012
I remember this engine 10 yrs ago. Same old power plant. So sad for Audi.
Nicholas Trikounakis Sep 06, 2012
Audi dropped the ball on the RS5.... The engine is OLD. The outgoing M3 still beats this, it is so frustrating bc the RS5 could have been an iconic car if they hadn't left it underpowered. It's frigan beautiful!
Description: The revamp boosts the top-end number up to a coupe-matching 174mph. A stiffer suspension helps out in terms of handling while power is transmitted to the wheels exclusively via a seven-speed S tronic ...
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Jeffrey Frank Sep 06, 2012
Not an Audi guy, but the wheels look good. Nice color too.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 06, 2012
Yea its beautiful
Camilo Saldarriaga Sep 06, 2012
I dont know what yall are saying but i like it.
Brandon Lidy Sep 06, 2012
Yeah, Audi's convertibles never do the car justice
Michael Beach Sep 06, 2012
Ruined it by chopping the top off.
Description: A seven-inch screen with MMI navigation plus, large hard drive and DVD drive are all included as well. The four-seater has typical RS badging found everywhere from the seats to the aluminum inlays on ...
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Description: Audi has also made available an optional matte aluminum styling trim along with an engine compartment design package, made out of lightweight and ultra-stable carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The 2013...
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William Chong Sep 07, 2012
That's is $111000 USD for a car that goes 0-60 in 4.9 sec. What a ripoff
Ben August Sep 08, 2012
Really? A softop version is hilarious to me.
Rockesh Boulder Sep 07, 2012
A hardtop version of an Audi convertible is a bit hard to fathom for me, except the R8 or TT
Graham Browne Sep 07, 2012
Soft top is what Audi does, like the alloy colored a pillars. Want a hard top buy a coupe, I would because sun burn.
Dale Heller Sep 06, 2012
Soft top on a luxury? No way...
Ben August Sep 06, 2012
Cloth top? Seems so...Cheap... Weird almost.
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 06, 2012
I'm not a fan of soft top convertibles But this some how doesn't look bad
Ahmed Abdulameer Galib May 02, 2013
Çok gözel
Ramon Seguel Jara Nov 20, 2012
Zijad Mejra Hrnjic Sep 06, 2012
Matt no shit it's a higher class than a golf AHAHA
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Ahah much nicer than any golf interior
Steven Whowhat Sep 06, 2012
new golf interior
Daniele Gozzi Sep 06, 2012
Audi would be foolish not to sell this car in the US Bring it on
Redge Diakité Sep 06, 2012
One of my favorite V8 :D