Comments - 4 Car vs. Motorcycle Drift Battles

Published: Sep 06, 2012
Description: Drifting is a sport of (automotive) segregation. Cars are kept with cars, and motorcycles are kept with motorcycles. Rarely do these two machines ever drift around the same track at the same time. Whe...
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Colby Church Sep 11, 2012
CarBuzz! You didn't put the greatest one on here! It's the Z06 police car chasing the Triumph bike on Top Gear USA. It just aired a couple of weeks ago. It's super badass.
Description: If you prefer your drift vehicles to have four wheels, then you might want to skip this video. Those who like to see bikers drift/do other cool tricks are going to want to put this one on repeat.
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Alexander Garcia Sep 08, 2012
That was a waste of time
Jason Brower Sep 06, 2012
Who thought three lanes was an acceptable place to drift a car? All the driver could do was donut and E brake the car 180.
Liam Littlegriggzy Griggs Sep 06, 2012
Belinda Challis (think that's her name) in the R32
Description: An RX-7 with a Corvette engine and a Kawasaki ZX10 go head-to-head in this video from Icon Motorsports. Watching these two vehicles duke it out in the imaginatively named "Motorcycle vs. Car Drif...
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Oscar Vaca Sep 06, 2012
I was a the Formula Drift after dark event and noticed that every cat there had some sort of ls. its a cheap, easy, reliable way to get good power. It's a good path to follow, V8's are making a place for themselves in the drift scene. But I do still love myself a rotary, 2JZ or SR20.
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Nvm wrong pic, it is still the icon variant and that is the screaming yellow
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Icon variant, custom paint job though, sweet helmet I have one in screaming yellow
Thomas Messina Sep 06, 2012
That's a sweet helmet! Anyone know what make and model?
Aaron Cartwright Sep 06, 2012
I love the rotary but for this application the LS makes sense.
Aaron Cartwright Sep 06, 2012
They run LS motors in these for drifting because they are much cheaper to maintain over the course of a season. I've heard of teams running the same motor and just changing the oil for the entire season. That would be imposible with the rotary.
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
From what I remember this one never flipped, but the guy driving the mustang in the second video did flip the practice 240 a couple times
Justin Walak Sep 06, 2012
Apparently, according to the other thread, he just flipped a mustang and flipped this rx-7 a couple times after this video was made.
Vincent R Butler Sep 06, 2012
If that was my rx7. I'll swap 2jz in it!!
Quentin Davis Sep 06, 2012
Good one to, burn outs on my bike are fun haven't made it to the drift stage yet lol
Brandon Lidy Sep 06, 2012
I dont know a whole lot a out rotary engines, but wouldn't the LS engine be more reliable with that power ?
David Varnai Sep 06, 2012
Awesome, as much as I can appreciate the rx7's driver, to ride a motorcycle in that way... Now that's just scary, insane and brilliant! thumbs up to both!
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Sep 06, 2012
Yea they should have kept the twin turbo rotary motor in the RX-7, great video though!
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Yea I know but it's still sad lol
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Cause people are lazy and wanna take the easy route to loads of power
Matt Piccolo Sep 06, 2012
Y would u wreck an rx7 with a vette engine, the rx7's all about it's rotary! :/
Description: Gymkhana is just more fun to watch when both a motorcycle and a car are in on the action. Watching a Nissan slide around cones is just more awesome when a bike is hot on its tail.
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Description: "Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle" is undeniably awesome. Still, it's no match for the greatness that is "Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2." This video doubles the amount of b...
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Quentin Davis Sep 06, 2012
Loved this video!
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
I always wanted to drift my bike but after seeing this video its gonna happen but not with my current bike have to get an old bike to practice on
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Sep 06, 2012
Yea great video running from "ole Smokey" lol
William Downs Sep 06, 2012
Video is soo freaking good I wanna find this track and that stang sounds crazy nice