Comments - The Stig Drifts a Vanquish Ahead of Top Gear Live

Published: Sep 05, 2012
Description: The Stig, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are heading to Britain's largest exhibition center for what promises to be Top Gear Live's biggest, boldest and most daring show yet.
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chikenbag Sep 06, 2012
some say he has a full size tattoo of his face, on his face.
chikenbag Sep 06, 2012
there have been several stigs over the years. from what i understand, there could be multiple stigs per season.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 05, 2012
Some say that his left eye is actually a testie, and he has a bad case of acne on his helmet.
Ramaury Rodriguez Sep 05, 2012
Old stig was Ben collins and he wanted to publish a book. And they got a new stig now where his identity is unknown once again.
John P Jerse Sep 05, 2012
Last I heard the Stig was no longer the Stig. They fired him because he told someone who he is/was. I guess that is the reason for the helmet, keep the payroll low.
Austin Bride Sep 05, 2012
Love the trials bike
Ashen Fonseka Sep 05, 2012
Can't wait for the new season
Description: The 30-second advert, narrated by Mr. Clarkson himself, was filmed at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center ahead of Top Gear Live's show on October 25-28th. The Stig is driving a 565-horsepo...
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chikenbag Sep 06, 2012
adam is right. pretty much always a different stig. thats why he is the character he is, because they want a steady driver, but they go through a lot of different race drivers.
Ryan Spencer Sep 06, 2012
Those doors are utterly impractical if, say, one would like to park in a parking lot: but on their own, they're pretty damn good looking.
Brian Johnston Sep 05, 2012
Dream job. Enough said.
John P Jerse Sep 05, 2012
Wikipedia is your friend people.
Buddy Robinson Sep 05, 2012
Schumacher has been on your for formula 1 during top gear episode times of im not mistaken, and I think even the bbc admired to it being a set up
Quinn Conner Sep 05, 2012
Perry McCarthy first couple of seasons and Ben Collins later on. Michael Schumacher was never a stig. BBC was trying to fool everyone
Serge Pankratov Sep 05, 2012
Hmmmm so then that episode of Top Gear where the Stig revealed himself as Michael Schumacher was a setup?
Lukas Hellstr�m Sep 05, 2012
Michael Schumacher never were the stig
Serge Pankratov Sep 05, 2012
Lol no really... The stig revealed himself a while back
Pompey Paul Sep 05, 2012
Gotta luv the doors
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Sep 05, 2012
Some say teeth are carbon fiber and his skin is covered in gulf livery.
Walker Carroll Sep 05, 2012
Some say that he has webbed buttocks and his nipples are shaped like the nurburgring
Josh Negron Sep 05, 2012
Some say his privates are actually on upside down.
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 05, 2012
No. if the stig reveals his identity he will be fired..
Jake Marra Sep 05, 2012
Some say he likes sweet corn while listening to ABBA ahha
Dennis Choong Sep 05, 2012
Some say he's racing for Petronas Mercedes F1...
Serge Pankratov Sep 05, 2012
The Stig is still Michael Schumacher right?