Comments - Drag Race Crash Immediately Improves Your Self-Esteem

Published: Sep 05, 2012
Description: It's never very nice to laugh at someone else's misfortune, however in this instance a complete lack of focus while sitting behind the wheel of a powerful drag-spec first-generation Volkswag...
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Description: You can hear the Honda driver chewing out the driver of the Golf in German and he is lucky he didn't do more to the absent-minded, plaid-shorts wearing youth.
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Darren Nardo Sep 06, 2012
Strips here in the U. S . Have strict rules about the next cars in line being that close to the staging area. Guess the track officials were asleep. Or maybe it doesn't matter in Germany? CRX shouldn't have been there Rabbit aka. Polo driver wake up!
Benni Serious Sep 06, 2012
Some more info. The Polo belongs to a chap called Marek Seidel who is Part of ame racing. They buildt this Polo which should be the fastest Polo around...anyways here is the Car
Lou Guerrero Sep 06, 2012
I agree with Scott. Why was he parked there anyhow? Lapse in judgement by both parties.
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
You know I feel bad for guy the with the crx but drag racing is about looking forword. Don't park so close
Alex Stanzel Sep 05, 2012
I didnt even realize the guy was on the door.
Jon Ashley Sep 05, 2012
If only I could understand German.
Anthony Richardson Sep 05, 2012
That guy woulda hit the damn wall if that crx wasn't there.
Benni Serious Sep 05, 2012
By the way, it is not a VW Golf, the white car is a first generation VW Polo (or a Audi 50 - basically the same car).
Colin Dzendolet Sep 05, 2012
notice there's no car in the way in the left lane, he's staging way too close, not the VW fault...wait a minute, I'm wearing plaid shorts, mine aren't as bad though
Judah Lindvall Sep 05, 2012
Into a cube again lol
Michael Page Sep 05, 2012
Ha! So the guy drag racing fwd cars wearing capris is an idiot-go figure.
Chris Gaines Sep 05, 2012
I need that song lol
Alexander Garcia Sep 05, 2012
What a douchebag. Just a shoulder shrug? Hes lucky the guy didnt come up and slug em. I agree with Jackson, that guy shouldnt have trusted eveything was ok to stay behind him.
Carlton Salmon Sep 05, 2012
The guy in the Golf didn't look at all apologetic - just shrugged his shoulders
Justin Brest Sep 05, 2012
Good, two shitty cars off the road.
Luke Gordon Sep 05, 2012
It's a win win situation when two cars like these crash.
Jordan Jackson Sep 05, 2012
I know it wasn't his fault, but why would you wait for your run directly behind the guy who's warming up? You can't trust people that much, lol
Thibault Leroy Sep 05, 2012
Wow that guy was a douche bag
Raymond Reynoso Sep 05, 2012
Wow he just shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn't a big deal. What a douche
Greg Kenerly Sep 05, 2012
Pretty hard crash. The kid didn't even see if the guy was ok.
Domi Bsaibes Sep 05, 2012
Hahahaha. This made my day