Description: Taking full advantage of the discontinuation of the Lincoln Town Car, the former indisputable leader of the livery industry, Cadillac is targeting fleet buyers with the reveal of its Hearse, Limo and ...
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Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
The XTS looks like it's wearing an origami hat.
Jason W. Evers Sep 07, 2012
People are dying to get into that hearse!
Christian De Prisco Sep 05, 2012
So one for the dead, one for the virgin and one for the twat
John David Fuller Sep 05, 2012
When your a kid you go to prom in the limo. When your a man you drive the regular XTS. When you die, they take you away in the hearse! They have your entire life covered!
John Serely Sep 05, 2012
I wish these (the normal ones, no the hearse and limo lol) were more sporty, instead of soft, FWD/AWD V6 sedans. Hopefully we will see an ATS-V
Zaire Wilkins Sep 05, 2012
its proper with a V6
Malachi Monteiro Sep 05, 2012
This XTS is a great car, the only problem is that it is available only with a V6 (correct me if I am wrong) a V8 would be great for this car.
Avery Williams Sep 05, 2012
Looks like the the hearse is as big as the limo but I like them all.
Michael Evans Sep 05, 2012
Love the hearse espically the sunroof
Jordan Smith Sep 05, 2012
That is one good looking hearse.
Colby Church Sep 05, 2012
These cars look sickk. I love Cadillac's new design language. So sexy..
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 05, 2012
They look like old ass actresses who get facelifts..
Description: It benefits from an air-leveling rear suspension with Magnetic Ride Control offering those sitting in the rear of the front-wheel-drive model a smooth ride. Heated rear seats, rear window shades, a pr...
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Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
Ugh, CUE. I hate that system.
Elias Harb Sep 05, 2012
Dsnt top german interiors.. So keep trying :D
Dylan Bruder Sep 05, 2012
Look at Mercedes n come back this is simple for the market I like it
Colby Church Sep 05, 2012
That looks nice.
Justin Brest Sep 05, 2012
Uhh... 30 plus buttons is not simple
Dylan Bruder Sep 05, 2012
Nice simple n elegant
Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
The interior is pretty lavish.