Comments - Bentley to Share Porsche Platforms

Published: Sep 05, 2012
Description: Following Volkswagen Group's takeover of the famous Stuttgart outfit, all future Bentley models will be underpinned by a Porsche-developed platform. That's according to Auto Car, who are cla...
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Description: A mix of steel and aluminum is expected to be used in the composition of the platform, allowing for the potential of significantly improved weight distribution over the current Bentley lineup.
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Jared Millstead Sep 06, 2012
gangster as fawk!
Matthew Crighton Sep 05, 2012
I don't know about the lower grill. It looks odd
Dominic Keilty Sep 06, 2012
Brilliant! Let's take the ugliest Porsche we can find and spread around it's platform!
Rocky Rocker Sep 05, 2012
Carlos. One can never demote a vehicle until its proven to be better or worse. Let's see what the VW group can, and real do! I don't think "Can't" is in the VW dictionary. Only time will tell...
Jackson Michael Sep 05, 2012
I always dislike the pics but whenever I see one in real life I like it again
Ray Liu Sep 05, 2012
Never liked the looks
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 05, 2012
Yeah, but as much as I respect porsche chasis for what they are, i respect bentley chasis for what they are. Porsche is abaut performance and bentley is not, and if i would expend that money i a bentley i'd want a chasin made by bentley not by a....
Jake Marra Sep 05, 2012
Very true for such a big vehicle they handle great...porsche at its finest, for them its not about the "war on speed" like all others its and where it matters....handeling