Description: Next month will see the double debut of the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab, boasting off-road equipment never previously seen on a production Jeep. The Trailhawk, first...
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Description: There are also black headlamp buckets and a gray grille surround, while the special edition Grand Cherokee comes with five-spoke 18-inch alloys and Goodyear Silent Armor all-terrain tires reinforced w...
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Description: Inside, the cabin gets black leather and suede seats with red accent stitching and Mopar slush floor mats. The Wrangler Moab Special Edition is essentially a top-of-the-line Sahara equipped with extra...
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Nick Benz Sep 05, 2012
Rear locker is not LSD. It locks. Hence the name.
Jeremy Siebert Sep 05, 2012
So, essentially we're taking the AEV produced bumper, hood & rails from the last COD Wrangler and tossing them on a Sahara, then add some Painted Rubicon wheels, stickers, a rear locker (or is that an LSD?) & new shoes. Not bad
Alex Velez Sep 05, 2012
I like the new jeeps there hot as hell
Jordan Jackson Sep 05, 2012
This looks really good, if I had the money I'd buy it
Ashen Fonseka Sep 05, 2012
Ya I agree the others just don't match as well looks clean
Craig Lafey Sep 05, 2012
Now that's nice. Good color combination
Lou Guerrero Sep 06, 2012
Nah, bruh. 36" MT Baja MTZs on 20" black wheels.
Alex Velez Sep 05, 2012
The black one is hot as the white one especially that mate black hod piece. The wheels need to go. Need some concaved staggered 3 piece wheels. Maybe asanti.
Jordan Jackson Sep 05, 2012
Think I'll go with the white paint job on this one
Chris Cook Sep 05, 2012
give it better wheels and it would look awesome
Craig Lafey Sep 05, 2012
Cant decide which one I like more the white or black one.
Michael Page Sep 05, 2012
I want that bumper, if only mopar didn't rape you on their prices. They can keep the wheels, the plain alloys are better IMO.
Ben Norton Sep 05, 2012
This is awesome! Still a good daily driver but I bet it's amazing off road
Taylor Garry Sep 05, 2012
Yeah I'm pretty sure those aren't the rubicon wheels...unless they just changed
Jordan Jackson Sep 05, 2012
Those wheels look like steel wheels