Description: The BMW X6 M is one feisty German crossover with a penchant for power. Evotech has stoked the Bimmer's 555-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine up to an impressive 730 horses and rece...
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David Liebe Hart Sep 06, 2012
Yeah, stroked I guess
Forrest Wood Sep 04, 2012
It was probably bored over
David Liebe Hart Sep 04, 2012
The SRT doesn't come with a 7.0l engine
Sami Rehman Sep 07, 2012
The bimmer beat the porche 911 turbo but they still declared porche as the winner but it isn't
Description: The Bimmer's second challenger comes is a Porsche 911 Turbo S. The Mk1 Stage 2 Evotech-tuned sportscar packs an impressive 620hp flat-6 under its rear deck, good for some wicked fast speed. So wh...
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Quinn Conner Sep 05, 2012
Jeep is tuned. They don't come 700hp from the factory
Bill Estep Jr Sep 05, 2012
I wonder what would happen if the jeep was tuned cause they're weight is pretty close n the jeep has 800 hp n the x6 has 750 hp mmmm...
Jacob Shumway Sep 05, 2012
I'm pretty sure a stock 911 turbo could have got a better quarter mile than that with a competent driver in the seat. I was expecting a much different launch.
Jackson Rojas Sep 04, 2012
that was a horrible start by the 911
Jeffrey Frank Sep 04, 2012
X6 driver is clearly the best of the three, but the vehicle is also mad fast in the quarter.
Esam Mohammad Sep 04, 2012
I really like that Jeep
Thibault Leroy Sep 04, 2012
But i wish they would fo more stock racing because when the car is tuned the race doesnt really mean anything
Thibault Leroy Sep 04, 2012
Yeah thats one fast X6
Henz Herrero Sep 04, 2012
Shudnt the srt won against the x6.. And the 2nd race is great but shows how handicapped a crossover is on a mile race..
Paul Pickard Sep 04, 2012
The Porsches 60ft was awful. Reaction time doesn't count but the launch killed 1/4mile.
Luis Orlando Peraza Rivero Sep 04, 2012
The guy driving that BMW has some excellent start timing ...they all got a chance but timing is all
Andrew Morales Sep 04, 2012
Silly Jeep... and reaction time off the line doesnt matter in a timed race. the clock starts when you do.
Aaron Sparks Sep 04, 2012
Pablo, what you saw: fast BMW that gets off the line quickly. What I saw: A fast Porsche that could probably beat the BMW off the line being driven by an obvious amateur who had a terrible reaction time off the line. 1+ sec reaction time?!
Pablo Herasme Sep 04, 2012
I actually thought the 911 had the launch but damn that bimmer is fast
Nick Ricci Sep 04, 2012
I'll take that Jeep.