Comments - Arnold Swaps Hummer for Unimog

Published: Sep 04, 2012
Description: Body-building legend, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been known in the past for his love of big SUVs. Having been one of the first civilians to buy a Humvee, the man af...
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Bradley Masonn Sep 30, 2012
My dad has one of these but it's a 1965 406 I think
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Yah me too and this is way better than any hummer.
Jason Brown Sep 05, 2012
I would much rather take a chance on parking this than a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Don't have to worry about people dinging my car. You try to ding this thing your car is going to be damaged.
Timothy Hooker Sep 05, 2012
oh yea I want one. this or an f750
Nick Ricci Sep 04, 2012
He just valets it.
Lucas Hill Sep 04, 2012
That's pretty sweet
Matty Michaels Sep 04, 2012
And they say Ferraris and Lambos are impracticle, imagine trying to park this thing in Cali.
Description: Arnold's Unimog has been specially-adapted for use on the street by German firm Mertec as it is usually used for more utilitarian (or military) purposes. The Governator stood out so boldly on the...
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ShaneVenhorst Sep 05, 2012
I think they meant she clung onto the front brush guard.
Timothy Hooker Sep 05, 2012
I have read that sentence five times and still can't figure out what its saying.
Aaron Cartwright Sep 04, 2012
Anyone can drive this. Seen a few older ones driving around, but the older ones have a top speed of 45mph so you are limited as to what kind of roads you can drive on. Who needs roads when your in a MOG
John Serely Sep 04, 2012
So anyone can drive one of these on the street? Or is it just because was governer?
Paul Lissona Sep 24, 2012
Yah me and him are both part Austrian.
Thibault Leroy Sep 04, 2012
Legend right there. Saw him a few weeks zgo in Paris
Lead Peddalin Sep 05, 2012
What an idiot. He must have an incredibly small unit.
Esam Mohammad Sep 05, 2012
Look how small the Yukon looks behind this monster
David Liebe Hart Sep 04, 2012
Doesn't look very luxurious, not that it needs to be, just saying
Miguel Jimenez Sep 04, 2012
@Lee still plenty of traffic there.
Lee Gardner Sep 04, 2012
You do now he's in Cali right?
Caner Ozdemir Sep 04, 2012
Perfect for New York traffic :D
Carlton Salmon Sep 04, 2012
The best money can buy.
Alex Vasquez Sep 04, 2012
Thees ees not a chopper
Timothy Hooker Sep 05, 2012
sporting the wallet a boss
Christian De Prisco Sep 05, 2012
When big is never big enough....
Boyd Boudreaux Sep 04, 2012
Like a fresh killed doe tie her on the brush guard and bring her home