Posted on: Sep 04, 2012
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Another Homemade Lambo from China

Combining both passion and resourcefulness, this is how one guy made his own Lambo.
Despite the stories we hear of the seemingly never-ending expansion of wealth throughout China, the fact remains that not everyone in the nation of over 1.3 billion inhabitants has the kind of money to buy, say, a Lamborghini. In reality, the average Chinese citizen earns around $6,000 a year - roughly a third of the price of the carbon ceramic brake system alone in a new Lambo. For one Chinese Lamborghini fan lacking the required funds, building a replica was the only viable option.
Yes, it's easy to make fun of both man and machine here, but this guy still invested about $10k to make this thing from scratch - and it's not even street legal. Even Henry Ford had to start from somewhere.

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by Jay Traugott
Another Homemade Lambo from China