Comments - Hennessey Previews New Viper Venom

Published: Sep 30, 2012
Description: The 2013 SRT Viper has yet to even hit dealerships, but that isn't stopping John Hennessey and his team over at Hennessey Performance from already working out a pair of new Venom packages for the...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 01, 2012
WoW gotta say thats a eye opener. The BBB is super legit and unbiased
Matt Robbins Sep 30, 2012
Look up his rating with the BBB. That's all the proof of his crooked dealings you'll need. He's a genius marketer. Tuner? Not so much. His magazine cars are legit, but customers cars often get less then half of the parts/power promised.
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
Will tell you to go with another tuner like Heffner or underground racing who do not have his reputation.
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
A lot of them were between 2005-2008 that I know of some may still be pending I know he's lost quite a few of them. There was an article in autoweek a while back talking about it. If you go an a viper forum and ask if you should use hennessey they
Patrick Schalk Sep 30, 2012
Are those lawsuits recent? Because I've heard mixed things about them. I've heard they were back in the early 00's.
Steve Liollio Sep 30, 2012
And yes he does make some crazy fast cars but he is a also a crook
Steve Liollio Sep 30, 2012
I'm from Houston so I probably hear about it more than most on here, but I'm not trying to "troll" or whatever
Steve Liollio Sep 30, 2012
Sorry for not clarifying... But basically he has had MANY lawsuits filed against him... What he does is he takes the car, whatever parts he swaps out, he sells and pockets that money, then he puts in his parts
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
Come out and said things
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
I don't I've never seen a tuner with as many complaints as him from the 300c forum, to corvette, viper forum there are a lot of people that have had issues with him and I don't see why they would have any reason to lie. Even former employees have
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
Don't take my word for it look it up
Dan Rather Sep 30, 2012
Actually if you guys ever go on viper or gm forums you can usually find some threads on henessey business practices. He's had several lawsuits relating to to his business practices including claims of stealing parts not doing what he was paid to do
Bren Bracken Sep 30, 2012
I'm pretty sure he's basing that off some claims that have been made by Hennessy regarding performance that were never met but the cars were in sale anyway. Realistically his cars already have more power than you need so it's no problem
Aaron Crisp Sep 30, 2012
I heard he charges a lot of money, but he does amazing things to these cars. No way he's a crook.
Matt Sutton Sep 30, 2012
Im curious to hear the basis of his comment. Lets give him the opportunity to clarify.
Jordan Jackson Sep 30, 2012
@steve: is that what you think of carol Shelby too? Cuz they both do/did the same thing
Carlton Salmon Sep 30, 2012
@ Steve. Why do you say that? Am I missing something?
Steve Liollio Sep 30, 2012
John Hennessy is a joke... He's nothing but a damn crook
Zeus Mocha Oct 01, 2012
If it's functional I'll take it. It doesn't look too bad. It looks like a track car. I wouldn't mind a vette with a wing like that as long as it's functional and looks like it's straight off of LeMan's but for the street.
Lou Guerrero Sep 30, 2012
Wow, you guys talk like Hennessy is a competitive race team. Look at the ACR-Xs wing or the Viper cup cars to see my point.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 30, 2012
@Colby. Didn't the last gen ACR come with a wing?
Colby Church Sep 30, 2012
Still, the small amount of legitimate function isn't worth the looks of that absolutely horrendous spoiler. Vettes and vipers are 2 cars that shouldn't have high rise spoilers. Ever.
Phil Johnson Sep 30, 2012
It's Hennessy, they know a little about functionality.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 30, 2012
@Lou. I am 100% sure that they know what they're doing when it comes to function.
JB Kolod Sep 30, 2012
I'm pretty sure that the wing will be functional
Lou Guerrero Sep 30, 2012
To be functional, that wing should be higher to reach clean air. Do it right or leave it off all together.
donny5.0 Sep 30, 2012
Cant wait to hear this monster
Tim Preisinger Sep 30, 2012
Well damn, didnt take them very long!
Jamie Mcpherson Sep 30, 2012
Don't like that spoiler, it's way too small!
John Serely Sep 30, 2012
I think this is one of the few cars that look better with a spoiler
Josh Andrews Sep 30, 2012
Dont like that spoiler..
Description: Two programs have been worked out by the Houston-based tuner: the Venom 700R and the uber-powerful Venom 1000 Twin Turbo. The 700RR package cranks the V10 engine's output up to 725 horsepower and...
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Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 01, 2012
But... Even the test drivers in the mile state it's crazy to be doing 160+mph and still break loose at full boost... So, the car means an idiot can't look great in this car, and even a great can look like an idiot... Opposite of most supercars now...
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 01, 2012
If anything, I wouldn't be surprise if Hennessey himself was given a seat at the table when they were consulting experts for the new viper, he's been tweaking them for a VERY long time...
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 01, 2012
This is nothing new for Hennessey... They had some crazy figures out of their old 650R's... 800tt's... And now the 1000hp ones... They get them to hook up... And their performance is real... Just look at the Texas mile for proof...
Matt Robbins Oct 01, 2012
It's the Gen IV's and Gen V's VVT that pose the biggest problem along with their ecu's. I don't think you understand how complex tuning a old school pushrod V10 engine with VVT is.
Justin Brest Sep 30, 2012
its kinda scary to think that just anyone with some money can drive around a car with 1,000 plus hp
Lou Guerrero Sep 30, 2012
I was thinking about compounds. I know Vipers have huge rears but they'd have to be pretty sticky to hook up for that time.
Shane Carroll Sep 30, 2012
@Matt ever replaced an ECU? Not much to it
Matt Robbins Sep 30, 2012
The Gen V has factory 355s on the rear. Those numbers are doubtful at best. I don't see how they think they can tune this car. The ecu is still locked. Even the Gen IV Vipers ecu is still locked. Hennessey is a farce. Just an excellent marketer.
Taylor Garry Sep 30, 2012
I cant even imagine. Because doesn't the viper already come with 355's? I could be wrong but i thought so
Sivert Grande Sep 30, 2012
The tires of the Viper has always been very fat, but to reach those numbers... Those must be some extreme tires.
Patrick Schalk Sep 30, 2012
I'm sure they are like 355s or something ridiculous.
Dillon Magee Sep 30, 2012
They would need to be. Putting all that power to the ground through rwd would be hard.
Phil Johnson Sep 30, 2012
I'd imagine they're pretty fat tires.
Lou Guerrero Sep 30, 2012
What tires are they 'theoretically' using to get that 2.7 60 time? This a powerful 2wd.
Jackson Michael Sep 30, 2012
Only one second faster in the quarter mile? That's nothing! ;)
Shelby Cassandra Sep 30, 2012
Crazy fast stats
Description: Changes to the 2013 SRT Viper's engine will include freer-flowing intakes, new exhaust system, ECU recalibrations, new air filters and much, much more. Optional aerodynamic parts will also be off...
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Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 01, 2012
One of the few cars that will hit speeds it needed that goofy spoiler for... Function over form for a Hennessey...
Dillon Magee Sep 30, 2012
I kinda like the spoiler.
Antonio Falsetti Sep 30, 2012
I just hope that lip spoiler is making enough downforce. It looks good but I prefer performance over looks.
Lou Guerrero Sep 30, 2012
This version is better.
Jordan Jackson Sep 30, 2012
Agreed about the absence of the spoiler
Carlton Salmon Sep 30, 2012
Looks better without the huge rear spoiler IMO.
Jordan Smith Sep 30, 2012
Woah. That's just awesome.