Comments - Chris Harris Drives Le Mans-Winning Porsche 962

Published: Sep 30, 2012
Description: Next to Jeremy Clarkson and his crew, Chris Harris is one of the most recognizable of British automotive journalists and video hosts. For his latest clip, the pint-sized auto-journo affectionately kno...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 01, 2012
Thank you Carlton
Carlton Salmon Sep 30, 2012
His nickname is Monkey, NOT Monkley!
Description: The 962's historic win at the famous endurance race marked the seventh consecutive victory for the German automaker at Le Mans. Check out the British presenter's day in the priceless racer b...
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Tom Brewer Oct 01, 2012
I love it when car buzz puts out articles like this!!! These are real race cars!! I would like to see a flashback series on imsa and group B.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 01, 2012
That was really good insight from Norbert. What a car
Joe Lamouk Sep 30, 2012
You needed balls of steel to drive that thing. When I see the 962, I remember the 956, that thing still helds the Nurburgring lap record with a laptime of 6:11. 700 Hp for a car that weights 800 Kg and has almost no downforce... Crazy machine...
John Jenkins Sep 30, 2012
well. it ain't pretty that's for sure
Carlton Salmon Sep 30, 2012
Amazing car, but Norbert Singer is even more amazing.
Ryan Rainville Sep 30, 2012
It runs a full spool for a diff holy shit that's crazy really how does it not under steer and how do they get the tires to last what sort of tires did they use to get that to work
Michael Henderson Oct 01, 2012
'was', was fast?? Still is haha
Justin Mancuso Sep 30, 2012
This thing was FAST