Comments - 4 Epic Russian Dash Cam Truck Crashes

Published: Sep 30, 2012
Description: Driving next to a truck in Russia is one of the riskiest things you can do. For whatever reason, Russian truckers are prone to flipping their rigs and crashing into other drivers. This weird phenomeno...
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Joshua Sep 30, 2012
Best article this morning
Description: Few things in life are more terrifying than watching a Russian tanker truck flip right in front of you. Thankfully the tanker didn't explode or this video would've been a whole lot worse.
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Thetestdriver Theskull Feb 06, 2013
This is a cement truck not a tanker btw.
Joshua Massingale Oct 01, 2012
The truck driver should of kicked the windshield out
Khalid Alsayed Oct 01, 2012
Oh my God, what's wrong with the Russian? God safe us👆
Christian De Prisco Sep 30, 2012
Ah the fellow humans helping each-other when in distress
Description: Sleeping truck drivers are dangerous no matter what country they're in. This sleeping Russian trucker doesn't take anyone else out, but he does manage to flip his rig.
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Michael Davidson Oct 04, 2012
Wow, like an inch away from killing both drivers.
Aaron Crisp Sep 30, 2012
That's what happens when you don't regulate the amount you can drive in a day.
Description: You don't even have to be on the road to become an (almost) victim of a crazy Russian truck driver. This guy is lucky that one of these two vehicles didn't crush him/blow up the gas stat...
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Ryan Sansossio Oct 03, 2012
If u look really close in slow motion u can see the trucks door molding actually touch his shoulder.
Tyler Torres Sep 30, 2012
The line coming back and hitting his chin must of hurt.
Chad Hunter Sep 30, 2012
Luckiest man alive!!
Jose Carlos Sep 30, 2012
Seriously, that dude is still wiping himself. He sued and won because he cannot drive any longer. He sees a truck and poop just gushes out.
Walter Alexander Thomas Sep 30, 2012
I will never go to this country. People drive blind.
Joshua Sep 30, 2012
I bet he soiled himself
Ethan Amo Sep 30, 2012
That dude literally cheated death
Description: In America, most drivers need only to put up flares or small cones to protect themselves when their vehicles are disabled. That isn't the case in Russia, as evidenced by this video.
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Thetestdriver Theskull Feb 06, 2013
Thats 100% right JGL
Keanu Casado Oct 03, 2012
Holy shit. Imagine. It exploded from the impact.
Jack J. Yu Sep 30, 2012
Crazy video. but I don't get what does it have to do with being in USA vs in Russia. for all I know this could happen in any county.
Aaron Crisp Sep 30, 2012
Taylor that video was insane!
Taylor Garry Sep 30, 2012
Check out the video that plays after this one. Holy shit
Jon Dustin House Sep 30, 2012
The first sentence sounds like the beginning of a Yakov Smirnoff joke.
Sam Biggin Oct 01, 2012
This what MAN's usually do