Comments - New Mazda6 Just the Start of a Zoom-Zoom Revolution

Published: Sep 03, 2012
Description: Last week at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show, Mazda revealed its all-new 6 sedan and the response so far has been very positive. In light of this, AutoExpress has reported that company executives are alrea...
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Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Sep 04, 2012
Maybe Matt, Nathan applied common sense (not common to all). Or did a swat analysis and came to the conclusion Subaru were its likely competition. It is a comments column not paint by numbers.
Matt Piccolo Sep 03, 2012
Nvr mind, its later in the artical, but why did u say it here
Matt Piccolo Sep 03, 2012
Where did it say anything about Subaru here
Nathan Curtis Sep 03, 2012
Good luck stealing Subaru fans. They are very loyal.
comonurs Sep 05, 2012
they should chop the roof down get rid of 2 doors and produce a coupe
Terrance Parker Sep 03, 2012
Speed6 for this model would be amazing!!
Description: In addition, Mazda is supposedly looking into two additional variants of the new Mazda6: a two-door coupe and an all-wheel-drive version. While all-wheel traction could help Mazda steal some customers...
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Matthew Darius Razavian Sep 04, 2012
Wouldn't a 2 door mazdaspeed 6 essentially be a revived MX-6??
Kyle McCullough Sep 04, 2012
Mazda really needs a coupe other than the miata.
No Pistons Sep 03, 2012
They meant those deciding upon a legacy or a new AWD 6
Zachary Maurer Sep 03, 2012
Ya, I remember reading that 80% of subaru owners would re buy a Subaru for their next car
Matt Piccolo Sep 03, 2012
Subaru is known for its awd systems, I don't think this will take away too many customers
Kevin Rehbock Sep 03, 2012
A diesel powered 6M coupe!? Shut up and take my money.
Description: Although the second-generation model, due sometime in 2014, will still be sold overseas, sales for the Mazda2 have failed to take off in the US. The 2 fails to present a worthwhile alternative to the ...
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Ahmed Barrasali Sep 04, 2012
I'll miss you too, it was my favorite among its size competitors, except for Toyota Yaris. roomy good looking well equipped.
Brendan Bell Sep 03, 2012
Not really I like this car a lot
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 03, 2012
Goodbye Mazda2 I'll probably be the only person on this app to miss you when you're gone
William Downs Sep 04, 2012
That's cause it is a 4dr sedan
George Eganhouse Sep 04, 2012
That pic looks like a 4Dr sedan? That would be tight.
Clay Williams Sep 03, 2012
Nope this is no good.
Description: The aging Mazda5 minivan, however, could be forced to stick around until 2015 at the earliest. The good news is, as we've reported, that the next MX-5 Miata is well on its way. Mazda is also rep...
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Kyle Schott Nov 04, 2012
I agree. AWD
Puneet Dass Sep 04, 2012
This would've been a great car if it was AWD. Still a good car though
Corey Mullis Sep 04, 2012
the rx-8 was neat and all but i cant be the only one who thinks its acceleration is dissapointing. i hope the new one is a more focused car. you know, focused on speed not silly half doors and extra seats
No Pistons Sep 03, 2012
Ya :( of course only japan got the spirit R
Zachary Maurer Sep 03, 2012
No, it got killed off earlier this year as I remember
Lee Gardner Sep 03, 2012
Are they still making the rx-8
Frederick Perez Sep 04, 2012
I will drive this only bec they make manual tranny
William Downs Sep 03, 2012
@kevin, deffinatly not a mini car, this is bigger then a car, more like a mini-mini van
Kevin Watson Sep 03, 2012
Mini car you mean?
Miguel Flores Sep 03, 2012
I think it's cool cause it's different than other mini vans
Matt Piccolo Sep 03, 2012
These are hideous