Description: With 24 cars racing off at once, the start of any F1 race has the capacity to devolve into disaster. All that saves the worst from happening is the drivers' otherworldly skill, but at this past w...
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No Pistons Sep 03, 2012
He has quite a track record of off start incidents hence the suspension from next race
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
@Antonio he didnt try to block it was accidental
Ashen Fonseka Sep 03, 2012
Ya what a dumbass that was goin to be the first one I watched this season and he ruined Ferrari I wish vetel webber and button were hit too
Nick Sti Sep 03, 2012
Grosjean completely ruined it. He was at fault
Antonio Falsetti Sep 03, 2012
Driver of the lotus tried to block and caused the wreak.
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
They got tire locked
Christian De Prisco Sep 03, 2012
So the brakes were faulty or driver's fault?
Description: The ensuing collision sent Grosjean's Lotus flying over the tops of the other cars, taking all four out of the race immediately. The crash could very well have killed one or more of the drivers i...
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Ben Norton Sep 04, 2012
Brendan I think they took it down
Brendan A Mcginnis Sep 04, 2012
Does the vid not work for anyone else?
Kevin Blockley Sep 03, 2012
He has caused 7 crashes from the start since first Race , 1 race ban not enough . His gonna kill someone @ this rate.
Kevin Blockley Sep 03, 2012
Grosjean @ it again!! , him and that Paster manaldo guy have no respect 4 no one on the race track, want to win on the race on first corner. When you start along side Grosjean , it's a guessing game,does he shut the door and pretend you not there
Chris Penza Sep 03, 2012
Alonso had all the reason to pee his pants
Ben Knorr Sep 03, 2012
agreed, he is a very quick driver but mistakes such as this can cost another driver his life. Having so many DNF's reduces the chances that lotus will resign him no matter how quick he is.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 03, 2012
@Thibault, yes but 5 crashes at the start of a race in 1 year thats a bit to much.
Jackson Michael Sep 03, 2012
Imagine seeing an F1 car fly over your head. That would be scary as hell
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
Guys it was an accident stop bashing Grosjean, accidents happen especialy in F1
Greg Lewis Sep 03, 2012
F1 is the pro of the racing world. Best of the best. But rally racing is just plain insane! Seeing how fast you can get from point A to point B relying on a co pilot on roads that are less than favorable... That takes balls!
Pablo Herasme Sep 03, 2012
:42 You ain't gettin first
Shaniqua Latisha Sep 03, 2012
Neither nascar or f1 is gay f1 is awesome and it takes a lot of talent nascar gets a bad rep bc of its fans nascar drivers are talented and it is and it is also very challenging
Lee Goodman Sep 03, 2012
whats nas car got to do with this? if u want to compare bith sports just get lost no one really cares and let me just say a few facts nas car just goes around a oval for number of laps but f1 u go around corners and u dont know where people are coming thats the facts now get lost :)
Ian Barger Sep 03, 2012
Nascar is for gay hillbillies and grosjean is an idiot he almost killed alonso
Donte Perino Sep 03, 2012
All racing types are great to me. (including NASCAR and F1)
Michael Montefusco Sep 03, 2012
We all know Adam is wrong, so let's just ignore him. Not sense in giving him the joys he's searching for
Zeus Mocha Sep 03, 2012
Imagine Alonso's face when he was going into the turn and the other car flys over him hahaha
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Sep 03, 2012
Grosjean and Maldonado out of F1 now. Grosjean nearly kills Alonso for a few points. What a killer.
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
I was watching that live it was crazy sad to see all of those drivers out of the race
Description: The race officials deemed Grosjean at fault and fined him €50,000 while banning him from the next race, due to take place next weekend at the Monza circuit in Italy. The crash has also prompted ...
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Tyler Cook May 07, 2013 Bull shit the danger isn't why we love it. Lewis Hamilton says it himself. If the danger was gone he wouldn't do it.
omarSV Sep 04, 2012
I think if you gave the drivers the choice theyd choose a safer closed cockpit. who cares if its tradition, modern f1 cars have no resemblance to the first f1 cars. I think it would look super cool to see cockpits like that (Caparo T1?!), it would look so futuristic and a natural evolution of the f1 better aero! :)
No Pistons Sep 03, 2012
Im against it due to the tradition of F1 bring open cockpit and should remain open. We haven't had a death since Alonso nor any real injuries either. Webber flipped and got out of the car himself, everyone walked away from this fine as well
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
No F1 cars are meant to be opened otherwise its not F1, if you want a closed cockpit watch GT3 or rally or nascar, F1 cars should stay opened
Vince Cassi Sep 03, 2012
I agree with Antonio.
Dylan Bruder Sep 03, 2012
How does an open cockpit make it exciting? The only difference would be a sleeker faster car if it had a canopy
Tyler Cook Sep 03, 2012
That didnt even happen
Tyler Cook Sep 03, 2012
Therefore will make riskier moves. Your going to ruin the sport if all this safety stuff keeps up! Some times people get hurt, deal with it. Don't try to prevent it cus it's inevitable. No one died so why change something for the sake of something...
Tyler Cook Sep 03, 2012
Are you kidding me!? Of course it's dangerous but where's the excitement if it's not dangerous? The racers all know the risk and they take them willingly. I think adding the cover will actually increase recklessness because the drivers feel safer....
Antonio Falsetti Sep 03, 2012
Why not close the cock pits? The cars can still look the same just with a closed cock pit. Would be so much safer and also has aerodynamic advantages.
Christian De Prisco Sep 03, 2012
... From the annales at once, it's too dangerous!!!! And all car competitions, and motorcycles, and everything motor, and on wheels, cancel all sports at once!!!! I think I made my point, it's dangerous and that is why the money, let there be crashes
Christian De Prisco Sep 03, 2012
Yeah and put inflated airbags all around the cars to avoid fatal injuries from scattered pieces in case of impact, and swap the wheels for inflatable balloons, actually make the whole cars wait, what if they pop? Retire the sport ....