Description: The BMW Art Car program started 35 years ago. Since then, some of the world's most celebrated pop artists have painted BMW's cars in their own vision. Those commissioned include Andy Warhol,...
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Description: Early one August morning, the BMW Art Car project dropped the M3 GT2 onto Norway's famous 600-meter-height Pulpit Rock, known locally as Preikestolen. The stunt was as an artistic tribute, specif...
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Mike Ulickey Sep 04, 2012
120 million?!? Geez
Carlton Salmon Sep 03, 2012
Wasn't 'The Scream' stolen not that long ago? Has it been found and re-sold then?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 03, 2012
This is about an hour from where i live. And this is special.
Isaac Reichner Sep 03, 2012
My favorite bmw art car hands down.
Das Stig Sep 04, 2012
came within 100 feet of this
Das Stig Sep 04, 2012
actually, lady gaga would be murdered by me personally if she ever
Jacob Skelton Sep 04, 2012
It's lady gagas car.
Parker Field Sep 03, 2012
Or they can drive it off and enjoy the freefall
Esam Mohammad Sep 03, 2012
Even if robbers noticed the car .. They need a helicopter in order to take the car ;)
Chris Penza Sep 03, 2012
I know anything can happen, but why would robbers be on a cliffside?
Thibault Leroy Sep 03, 2012
Or robbers would have a very nice supprise....
John P Jerse Sep 03, 2012
They should of left it there, then pilots and mountain climbers will be WTFing for years to come.
Otnay Nat Sep 03, 2012
Simply breathtaking ....