Comments - 2013 VW Golf Leaks Out Early

Published: Sep 03, 2012
Description: As the countdown to the unveiling of the Golf MkVII begins, Volkswagen has given a media presentation showcasing some of the car's most prominent features. Meanwhile, German publication Auto Zeit...
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Description: The new Golf was last seen undergoing cold-weather testing in the snow, but this latest video gives us a good preview of the car's shape and as well as revealing some of the new technologies that...
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Tyler Chess Sep 05, 2012
Looks kinda dated
Stephen Wood Sep 04, 2012
I can't wait for the mk7 gti, everything I've read about it, it's gonna be awesome
Ivan Warmack Sep 04, 2012
I might have to keep my MK6 until the MK8 comes out. So far the MK7 has not impressed me.
Shaun Conroy Sep 03, 2012
The front better be pretty groundbreaking to help it stand out.
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 03, 2012
This is a really lazy redesign when it comes to looks. Hopefully it has some fancy new mechanical bits to make it worth getting over the mk6
Hemmo Karja Sep 03, 2012
Looks ok...little old tho
Matt Piccolo Sep 03, 2012
Not sure if I like this or not
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Sep 03, 2012
Im waiting to see what the next GOLF R looks like
Zaire Wilkins Sep 03, 2012
hmmmm idk about this one
Description: These include fatigue detection, lane assist, an auto brake feature, adaptive cruise control, and cylinder deactivation. However it remains to be seen which will make their way onto the US-spec Golf. ...
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Shaun Conroy Sep 03, 2012
This does look nice!