Comments - Lemon Law Lawyer Takes On Fisker over Karma Fires

Published: Sep 29, 2012
Description: Vince Megna is a lawyer who isn't afraid of taking on big and small automakers. That's why they call him the King of Lemon Laws. Claiming to have sued General Motors some 700 times, he'...
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Raymond Reynoso Sep 29, 2012
Damn that sucks, that's a lemon.
Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
Dan, they aren't silent, all Karmas have a built-in pedestrian awareness system.
John Serely Sep 29, 2012
Stunning car, no doubt
Description: According to Wisconsin lemon law provisions, because it was out of service for over 30 days, Fisker had to buy the car back. As a result, Fisker refunded the unnamed client's $103,550 and even wa...
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Description: He then proceeds to directly ask dealership employees if they felt the car they were selling and servicing was safe to drive. See for yourself in the video how they reacted, and what the King of the L...
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Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
Some people have to ruin it for the rest of us.
Zeus Mocha Oct 01, 2012
Damn this guy is a super mega troll
Wmg Chinchilla Oct 01, 2012
This guy is a dipshit.
Paul Lissona Oct 01, 2012
I don't understand how some people hate carS.
Ethan Amo Sep 30, 2012
If this car wasn't electric, I'd buy it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 29, 2012
That old fart deserves to be punched in the face. Its obvious he not a car enthusiast
Malachi Monteiro Sep 29, 2012
"is it safe for Justin Bieber?" I hope not, maybe he will get smoke in his lungs an quit singing.
Michael Riley Sep 29, 2012
Agreed, new guts equals new found glory.
Carlton Salmon Sep 29, 2012
The Woody Allen of law. Lol!
Tanton Stoneman Sep 29, 2012
I would get one, rip all of the electric motors out ( obviously not me though) and put in an M5 engine/transmission. Good looking, and I won't wake up in heaven.
Jon Wheel Sep 29, 2012
Hahah this is truly laughable
Timothy Hooker Sep 29, 2012
what a sexy car...pull that electric crap and put a twin turbo 8 in there!
James E Caldwell Sep 29, 2012
Ferrari and Lamborghini also have a "bursting into flames" issue. Anybody who has seen one of these in person, knows its the coolest green car around. Aston Martin levels of style yet still able to run errands using little to no gas.
Clyde Wiltchamberlain Sep 29, 2012
Wow horrible the way the dealership handled the situation. I mean what a disaster they couldn't even say "we're working on the issue" or nothing
George Riggs Sep 29, 2012
"In order to buy this car you need plenty of money and not need any transportation." Hmm that sounds like a good life.
Nick Schnee Sep 29, 2012
I'd get a Panamera Hybrid over the Karma anyway... the moustache just doesn't look right to me.
Justin Chavez Sep 29, 2012
Hahahha this is so funny and true for fisker though
Jimmy An Sep 29, 2012
Not a fan and bank account too small to afford and definitely not wanting anything that may cause fire in my garage...
Mike Ulickey Sep 29, 2012
Sucks for all the bad publicity I've heard about karma, not that I could afford one haha, but the car is so damn pretty!