Comments - Evo Explores BMW's Art Cars

Published: Sep 29, 2012
Description: In order to promote its status as the London Olympics official automotive partner, for the first time in history BMW brought a vast array of its Art Car collection to the UK last month. The BMW Art Ca...
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Description: The latter's M3 GT2 was recently airlifted by helicopter onto a Norwegian cliff for an epic photo shoot. Having written about BMW Art Cars for his university dissertation, Evo's Henry Catchp...
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Description: In addition to simply enjoying these awesome works of art, the video offers interesting factoids about the cars in the collection. For example, Andy Warhol painted the M1 in just 28 minutes, too quick...
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Malachi Monteiro Sep 29, 2012
Isn't this the M3 CSL Groupe 5?
John Serely Sep 29, 2012
Yes Please .
Ryan Sansossio Oct 03, 2012
Art? Dude. No. Did he even try?
Keelynn Arnold Sep 29, 2012
They need a like button on here
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 29, 2012
V12 LMR... Ahh, i play too much Gran Turismo.