Comments - Suzuki S-Cross Concept Previews SX4 Replacement

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: There was a time, believe it or not, when not every automaker was building crossovers and SUVs. Back then, it came down to a handful of manufacturers, and Suzuki was one of them. These days, of course...
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Marius Stavila Sep 28, 2012
The front reminds me of Suzuki Liana, which I never liked.
Matt Sutton Sep 28, 2012
Tell me about it. Its not bad at all.
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
Wow this may be the first Suzuki I've ever liked.
Description: When it does reach the market in 2013, the production S-Cross (or whatever name it adopts) is expected to take the place of the SX4. That model was built in conjunction with Fiat and sold as the Sedic...
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Description: While many of the concepts unveiled in Paris highlight hybrid powertrains, however, Suzuki did not outline any specifications for the car's mechanical bits, so assume we're looking at a four...
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Ray Liu Sep 28, 2012
It is quite nice
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
It has a certain simplicity, I like it.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Sep 28, 2012
In the winter the exhaust fumes will look like after burner on a SR-71
Spiros Manessis Sep 28, 2012
LEDs next to the exhaust tips ? Whatever ...
Douglas Bailey Sep 28, 2012
I like the back of this much better than Audi.