Comments - Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept Wows in Paris

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: Returning to the French capital only once every two years, the Paris Motor Show represents a rare opportunity for French automakers to show off what they've got. And Peugeot hasn't missed a...
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Anders Schrøder Sep 29, 2012
Diesel is their speciality. They make the best Diesel engines IMO. Maybe that is why they deliver engines to jaguar.
Lucas Hill Sep 28, 2012
Why the heck would they use a diesel
Chris Martinez Apr 07, 2013
Looks fake like a cool car from a movie but sick car
David Jefferis Oct 04, 2012
Now Peugeot, take a deep breath and be brave enough to transfer the mojo of this gorgeous thing to your dull production cars.
omarSV Sep 29, 2012
one of the best looking cars of all time. What a beast! :)
Victor Pitts Sep 29, 2012
At first glimpse (2-3 seconds) I didn't like it, flipped my phone, got past the copper flash and fell in love. This car is ahead of its time.
Parker Leach Sep 29, 2012
Simply stunning. Nothing like it on the market
Dillon Magee Sep 29, 2012
Looks fantastic. Too bad they'll never make it.
Stephen Wood Sep 28, 2012
Yeah the Citroen gt and I kinda see the BMW i8
Hemmo Karja Sep 28, 2012
Dont know how i feel about the copper but i just love that plain simple design
Tony Flaherty Sep 28, 2012
Porsche do Daniel !
Janak Solanki Sep 28, 2012
That looks striking. I like
Daniel Eads Sep 28, 2012
This will never make production but someone does need to make a turbo diesel supercar.
Matt Piccolo Sep 28, 2012
That's looks sick! But loose the chrome please
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
Beautifully proportioned car. Would prefer gloss to matt black paint but I love the copper contrast. Such a shame it's only ever going to be a concept though...
Shelby Cassandra Sep 28, 2012
I feel like it should be glossed black. Too contrasting as it is.
Joshua Sep 28, 2012
Beautiful and indeed striking
Christopher McSween Sep 28, 2012
Well thought out design.
William Downs Sep 28, 2012
Yea that's crazy nice, to bad they will probally never build it
Ghaith AL-sharari Sep 28, 2012
Wow drop dead gorges
Description: The powertrain is all well and fine, but what makes the Onyx so striking is its design. It's constructed from hand-shaped sheets of copper, carbon fiber and lightweight acrylic. The flat black pa...
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Chayton Kaes Garverick Sep 29, 2012
the front looks like the one on the concept of the new BMW M1
Adam Beiersdorfer Sep 28, 2012
If they do come back... I'll still be rooting for my Audi's... Haha
Gadi Walla Sep 29, 2012
I am impressed. Beautiful car, but wasted space I.M.O. Slim this fatty down a bit .
Alex Stanzel Sep 28, 2012
I don't usually do this, but the front fascia reminds of Volvo. Not a specific one, just volvos design language.
Cameron Duncan Condy Sep 28, 2012
One last opinion. Get rid of the bar connecting the rear lights. Tone down the rear defuser and bring some of that action to the front bumper. Both lights are great. Grill is on an awkward angle. Also love the flowing sides.
Cameron Duncan Condy Sep 28, 2012
Although they are on the right track and being original with a high performance diesel hybrid. Tone some stuff down change the paint and good in my books.
Cameron Duncan Condy Sep 28, 2012
I hate the paint. Chrome and flat colors are over done and over rated. The front end looks like a squished van... The body lines are gorgeous but main features are to skidish. I feel like they are trying to hard to be something they are not.
Rocky Rocker Sep 28, 2012
Sweet lookin ride...
Lando Peraza Sep 28, 2012
Theta New face of Duracell racing!....... Naw
Daniel Eads Sep 28, 2012
I don't know, but wouldn't that be awesome?
Nick Jones Sep 28, 2012
Looks ridiculous to me I don't understand why manufactures are trying to build cars that fictional characters in a future story would drive what's the next one going to do fly?
Thibault Leroy Sep 28, 2012
@nick how? This car is beautiful!
Javier Alonso Rivas Sep 28, 2012
@nick lol maybe but it would ve been a really talented child cause i think is exquisite
Nick Jones Sep 28, 2012
No passion at all in this car I feel like a kindergartner drew this up for them after snack time
Franklin Lopez Nov 23, 2012
I see Porsche 914 in the tail light
Victor Pitts Sep 29, 2012
The rear is needing much work to match the front half. I'm a big 'ass-end' kind of a guy if you catch my 'drift'. Sorry about the puns guys.
Calvin Windisch Sep 28, 2012
Exhaust times six?
Pablo Herasme Sep 28, 2012
The designer some how got slapped back to the 90's
Javier Alonso Rivas Sep 28, 2012
i havent seen the rear :( looks like an old racing game with those polygon lines
Nick Jones Sep 28, 2012
This whole at is terrible
Jon Ashley Sep 28, 2012
looks very cool except for the rear. Its just kinda flat.
Tony Flaherty Sep 28, 2012
Wtf why no pics of the inside?