Comments - NFL Running Back Gets a Twin-Turbo Audi R8

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: Former New York Giant and current San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs is known for his big and powerful runs into the hearts of defenses all across the NFL. It seems fitting that the bruis...
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Paul Dickey Sep 28, 2012
Pretty sure that was sarcasm guys.
Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
@Tara Yeah UR regularly builds 1000+ hp daily drivers, they really know what they're doing. Besides, we do the best modifications here in NC, we're good like that. :)
Jared Palmer Sep 28, 2012
@ Tara, UR has built a reputation for modifying high end cars. The 2000 hp Lambo is still a work in progress that seems to be built with hopes and high expectations
Tara Fitria Sep 28, 2012
If he's looking for more horsepower, I wonder why he didn't take it to the covert tuning dynamics that's working on a 2000hp lambo..............................
Adam Beiersdorfer Sep 28, 2012
I concur... Nothing on this car is GT... But I think they did a pretty good job improving it... Haha... Have to love this shop
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 28, 2012
Correct me if im wrong but thats not a GT
Austin J. Bower Jan 13, 2013
This just looks v10, not gt. Sure the omniscient Carbuzz is right though. They never get anything wrong.
Description: Underground Racing has remained mum as to what tuning stage the pro baller chose, but the team's twin-turbo enhancements for the Audi R8 V10 range from 700 horsepower at the wheels to a staggerin...
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Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
I bet Brandon Jacobs can't handle that much power. :P
Sea Wolf Nov 20, 2012
it should be against the law in all 50 States reguardless of who. u are if u drive it
Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
Tinted front windshield... the cops would be all over me for that. I guess it would take a celebrity to get away with something like that.
John Serely Sep 28, 2012
Now he he just has to NOT put a chrome wrap and huge rims on it and it will be fine
Jason Rossiter Sep 29, 2012
They only take the bumper off for the photo-shoot, then they put it back on, and the kit is made so it fits with the cars normal bumper
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 29, 2012
@colby it's also legal to marry your second cousin in north Carolina
Dillon Magee Sep 29, 2012
Yeah, I'd be scared of it getting damaged.
Joe Hero Sep 28, 2012
I wouldn't be daring enough to leave the bumper off, if someone rear ends you, your double digit thousand dollar set-up has a slightly higher chance of survival.
Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
In my state(NC) it's legal to drive without a bumper.
David Parenti Sep 28, 2012
Shoooot, if it were mine I'd leave the bumper off so everybody could recognize... It looks sick with the bumper off
Jake Marra Sep 28, 2012
Needs to be custom
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 28, 2012
I know it's hard to fit it in which is why I was wondering if they left the bumper off because it didn't bolt on right anymore.
John Serely Sep 28, 2012
UR usually leaves the bumper off for pics, then they put it on for driving it
Adrian Levsky Sep 28, 2012
Show off the work, not easy fitting a system in there like that
Stephen Tyler Learn Sep 28, 2012
Uhm in my state it's not legal to drive around without a rear bumper. Or are they just leaving it off to show off the work?
Matt Piccolo Sep 29, 2012
This is just badass!
Jamie Mcpherson Sep 29, 2012
Damn, but this must add some Serious weight?! Guess it don't matter with 1000 horsepower.
Paul Dickey Sep 28, 2012
These guys do awesome work. This is car porn.