Comments - Honda Reveals Refreshed 2013 CR-Z

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: Despite losing the hard-edged performance attitude of the old and beloved Honda CRX that many were hoping for, the CR-Z has still managed to carve itself out a little niche as a more entertaining purp...
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Will Trefiak Oct 17, 2012
ok forget the hybrid system honda drop a crv v6 vtec and the AWD system in to the crz lol
Samuel Butts Sep 29, 2012
long story short, if you wanna go fast, the world is your oyster but honda can't really help nowadays, but if you want a reliable vehicle that holds its value, has low fuel cost and low maintenance cost, then honda has you covered, just saying
Samuel Butts Sep 29, 2012
Well i bought an 11? crz with 6spd in black and blacked out the thing with tint and 17s, it gets lots of attention, whether good or bad, its uncommon which makes it cool, and was cheap costing 22k and I average 48mpg. As no surprise to anyone, its NOT fast but I didn't buy it to go fast, I have an e92 M3 as a weekend car, I bought it cause it can get me back and forth to work all week on $20 (whic...
Thomas Isnt Green Sep 29, 2012
Other than the crappy engine it would look kinda cool if they had it in white or black color because if any of us got one I don't think we would get this color
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
True it's not limited to japs I think we've all seen a caviler with a huge spoiler and an body kit.
Matt Piccolo Sep 28, 2012
@ Brandon, that is incorrect... A ricer is a car from ANYWHERE with stupid body kits, sticks, wheels etc
Justin Brest Sep 28, 2012
ugh anyway... I, like (I'm sure) many of us, have a car with 400 plus HP and I gotta say that if I were to live in a city and I was looking for a peppy lil thing to get around in, this would probably be in the top three. top of my list would be the last generation mini S. its just a fun car to drive.
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
Adding silly modifications like LEDs rims and body kits is exactly what they did to this car.
Andy Clouthier Sep 28, 2012
Do we need a there/their/they're refresher? It's not that difficult.
Danny Rodriiguez Sep 28, 2012
Ricers are when they a stupidly modificated.Thinking that huge rims and body kits make them go fast. Now i see people sayin' ricers from the factory? I don't understand
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
By know there costumer I mean they made a ricer.
Jonathan Collard Sep 28, 2012
Come on Honda! Put a K20Z3 in it please!!!
Stephen Wood Sep 28, 2012
The front hood looks similar to the old Audi TT
Aaron Barker Sep 28, 2012
If Honda knew their customers they wouldn't give it such a shitty engine
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
But now it has LEDs and new rims. Honda knows there costumer.
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
Looks like the old one.
Description: Along with styling changes front and rear, there are also updated 17-inch wheel designs, two new exterior colors and improved cabin storage space. But the most relevant improvement comes in the power ...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Sep 28, 2012
I think Honda can make great cars, with enough power to entertain, but this is pretty feeble performance, I have to say...
Matt Piccolo Sep 28, 2012
I'm geussin Colby hast heard of the s2k, nsx, si or even the prelude
Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
Wowwww, a whole 19 hp increase.... I hate Honda. Lol. When it comes to performance, they are the last automaker anyone thinks of. Put a 275 hp gasoline variant engine in that bitch, then we'll be talking.
Jordan Jackson Sep 28, 2012
Oh yea that's a real big improvement, way to go Honda, lol
Zachary Maurer Sep 28, 2012
Blah, who buys this anyway?
John Serely Sep 28, 2012
Oh wait...135hp total.......still *yawn*
Description: All told, the CR-Z now delivers a combined output of 135 hp and 140 pound-feet of torque. As a result it is, as you might expect, a bit faster, but the CR-Z is still not a true hot hatch. A six-speed ...
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Stuart Mattison Aug 13, 2016
You Americans can't do the maths 119 Hp + 20 Hp is not 135hp
Sebastian Grey Sep 28, 2012
Give me a Mugen tuned one and I'll be happy.
Michael Beach Sep 28, 2012
It should come with a pillow because it sounds like it'll put the driver to sleep
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Sep 29, 2012
I think it looks pretty good for its class.
Lead Peddalin Sep 28, 2012
Hate this car so much.
Clay Williams Sep 28, 2012
Looks like a hunch-back
Justin Brest Sep 28, 2012
yeah, I can see it
Colby Church Sep 28, 2012
@Brandon NOTHING like the Prius? Come on, it does look a little like one. That haunched up rear and all.
Sean Gillespie Sep 28, 2012
Back looks to much like a Prius. But I like the front!
Tim Preisinger Sep 28, 2012
Agree with Carlton. That is a pretty cool color lol
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
The only thing I'm liking on this car is the colour.
Sergi Pérez Figueras Sep 28, 2012
Still hating that rear