Comments - Blondie Marvels at the Mansory Phantom

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: What must have started as a bit of fun has seamlessly turned into something a bit more serious, as former Playboy bunny Irina Olhovskaya is now posting reviews of some pretty cool cars. In this week&a...
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Description: Thankfully Irina's presentation skills and customary one-piece racing suit have remained constant, so sit back and enjoy another helping of our favorite car-girl strutting her stuff.
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Hayden Delpi Dec 09, 2012
Damn hackers
Hayden Delpi Dec 09, 2012
I would do her in the ass
AlexIvan Rios Sep 30, 2012
the Mansory needs to be washed' Just saying. BTW it looks hideous! I prefer the Ghost'
David Liebe Hart Sep 28, 2012
I like how she was actually critical of the pricing, leaning more towards legitimate reviewing, lol She's a dime too
Matt Sutton Sep 28, 2012
Eh, shes ok. Nothing special.
Curtis Clayton Sep 28, 2012
An I the only one who doesn't find her hot at all.
Alex Bowman Sep 28, 2012
those rolls needed a car wash or something, extremely dirty
Joshua Sep 30, 2012
Where's the brain comment?