Comments - 5 Killer Koenigsegg Creations

Published: Sep 28, 2012
Description: There once was a time when Koenigsegg could claim the record for the world's fastest production car. The Bugatti Veyron has long since taken that title away from Christian von Koenigsegg's c...
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David Munasinghe Sep 29, 2012
It cost a lot to make them too.
Sean Gillespie Sep 28, 2012
All of these still cost to dang much!
Description: Tuning house Edo Competition gave the CCR a powerful makeover. An ECU remap and modified drive ration increased the CCR's total horsepower to 879 (up from 795) and made it so that it hits its pea...
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Eddie Nash Sep 29, 2012
I think about it this way... "He still got pulled over, doing 243 mph"! Lol
Walker Carroll Sep 28, 2012
Not to disagree with everyone, I believe everything y'all are saying. But there was the guy who got pulled over for doing 242 in his kornigsseg in texas
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 28, 2012
Probably not the actual reason for having all those gears but one solution to the top speed vs acceleration problem
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 28, 2012
Thus the reason for 7 and 8 gear trannies from BMW and Mercedes
Shelby Cassandra Sep 28, 2012
This had a ford engine in it didn't it?
Dillon Magee Sep 28, 2012
And 3 mph when you're going 240+ isn't really a big deal.
William Downs Sep 28, 2012
Amen to that, I would reather have crazy acceleration and then a high mph
Tin Nguyen Sep 28, 2012
I would rather have quicker acceleration than top speed. Realistically, does it matter if you reach the top speed? No! You can't reach that top speed on public road anyway. However, it'd be more fun to roar pass your comp. at a traffic light.
Aaron Crisp Sep 28, 2012
Isn't that why rally cars are so damn quick?
Maaz Khan Sep 28, 2012
Max is right... A good would be the GTR, super quick acceleration but max speed is low
Jordan Jackson Sep 28, 2012
Unfortunate but true, but its not like anyone's gonna hit that speed without the right track, so it's not that big a deal
Max Waite Sep 28, 2012
If you gear a car for quicker acceleration, top speed goes down... Fact of life
Edward Galligan Aug 02, 2013
I agree 10 months late
Josh Banning Sep 29, 2012
I never really liked the styling of the oldkoenniggseggs, but I think the new ones are amazing
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 28, 2012
Lmao very much to the point Dillon lol
Dillon Magee Sep 28, 2012
I saw a black one once. The driver saw me looking at it and revved the engine. It was amazing.
Description: Koenigsegg replaced the CCX with the Agera, an even more powerful and prettier supercar. The Agera sports a twin-turbocharged V8 that kicks out 940hp and drives the supercar to 248mph. Koenigsegg made...
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Paul Dickey Sep 28, 2012
Love this color combo
Tin Nguyen Sep 28, 2012
Love those doors.
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
Looks absolutely perfect - I'd have mine exactly like this with the same wheels. I could be swayed to a nice gloss black Agera though...
Description: The Agera R is a slightly more awesome and eco-friendlier version of the Agera. The R manages the same engine and power output as the Agera, but when filled with E85, its horsepower jumps from 940 to ...
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Vince Cassi Oct 15, 2012
I'd think the r model would be lighter, with less amenities, but they fitted it with heated seats. Not complaining though.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 28, 2012
Well, they are Swedish.
Tin Nguyen Sep 28, 2012
Ski box? Who would drive in car in snow?
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
The Thüle ski box for the Agera R - £17,000!! Gulp! :-(
Dillon Magee Sep 28, 2012
I love this car so much.
Pablo Herasme Sep 28, 2012
They just have to put the Veyron on the spotlight
TB Blood Sep 28, 2012
@Carlton... Yeah... She's okay. Anyone bringing marshmallows on this camping trip?!? Good looking car but I don't think it's going to end up being as timeless of a design as McLaren's P1.
Tin Nguyen Sep 28, 2012
Agreed with Maaz. I would definitely take this over the veyron.
Maaz Khan Sep 28, 2012
One of my top cars, rather have this than a Bugatti! Either this colour or the black
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
Anyone pitching a tent looking at this?
Description: What you see here is the Agera R BLT, the first supercar to come out of Koenigsegg's bespoke program. The power details of the project have been kept largely under wraps, but what we do know abou...
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David Munasinghe Sep 29, 2012
BLT. Sounds like a sandwich . Lol
Jon Wheel Sep 28, 2012
What about BC's Agera R? Wasn't his bespoke?
Martinez Gregory Sep 28, 2012
Yo the rims on that r hot
Hemmo Karja Sep 28, 2012
The blue used in the interior is quite ugly imo.. Otherwise its an amazing car
Pablo Herasme Sep 28, 2012
This version, I would take.
Charles Pope Sep 28, 2012
I don't dig that blue intm
Maaz Khan Sep 28, 2012
This is amazing... Except the interior is throwing me off a bit
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
Perfect apart from the white paint on the wheels IMO.
Miguel Jimenez Sep 28, 2012
Beast how you drive my dad has hovercraft
Jason W. Evers Sep 28, 2012
Almost the same kinda car!
Description: Joel W. Olsen of Norway is the man responsible for this beastly Ford Granada. Olsen took the guts of a CCX and shoved them inside the sedan to create a 1,700hp monster. The crazy Norweigan calls his c...
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Dillon Magee Sep 28, 2012
I would have kept the CCX.
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
Must be terrifying to drive it with Granada components. Even if it has uprated brakes, suspension etc. it won't be up to the task of slowing that monster from speed. Needs to be driven on a big oval track with no other cars it can hit! Hahahaha!
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Sep 28, 2012
Crazy norwegians? Thanks CarBuzz.
Shelby Cassandra Sep 28, 2012
That would be wickes
Jose Bermudes Sep 29, 2012
Granada this should be called granade, because it will blow everything else out of its way.
Theviper007 Sep 28, 2012
Haha! Nice one Miguel
Ivan Ryzhov Sep 28, 2012
Lmao Carlton, love the metaphor
Miguel Jimenez Sep 28, 2012
@Jason you can't expect him to read if he can't spell his own last name.
Logan Oleary Sep 28, 2012
This would be a fun car to own.
Carlton Salmon Sep 28, 2012
With all that extra weight up front it probably understeers like a puppy on a polished kitchen floor. Thumbs up for building it though.
Serge Pankratov Sep 28, 2012
Shoot.. My pops had this car back in 91! Said it was quick for those times.. With this Koenigsegg motor i cant even begin to imagine howfast it is!!!
David Munasinghe Sep 29, 2012
I like to know the top speed of the konni Granada ?:)