Comments - Maserati Names Future Models

Published: Sep 27, 2012
Description: Just the other day we brought you news that Maserati was dropping the Kubang name from its SUV project. Now the Trident marque has announced the new name not only for that model, but for another as we...
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John M Weishahn Sep 27, 2012
It's a MUCH better name, it sounds Italian. Kubang sounds like a Thai strip club.
Jordan Jackson Sep 27, 2012
Yea, that sounds soo much better than kubang, lol
Zaire Wilkins Sep 27, 2012
i cant belive this uses a 2006 chrysler 300SRT8 platform it deserves better
Janak Solanki Sep 27, 2012
Love it. Understated beast
Dillon Dixon Sep 27, 2012
Very boring. I don't see the fuss in the newer Masaratis.
Description: The Levante name was previously thought to be earmarked for the upcoming baby Quattroporte, but has now been announced for the SUV that will take on the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and upcoming Lambo...
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Thibault Leroy Sep 27, 2012
Agree with all the comments
Nick Schnee Sep 27, 2012
Yeah, that's even worse than Kubang or whatever the SUV was gonna be called.
Description: Finally the full-size Quattroporte will continue carrying that name, one which it has used for the last half-century since the first Quattroporte debuted in 1963. The three new models are earmarked to...
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Jordan Jackson Sep 27, 2012
Yea, your right, but after looking at the front end, the rear should follow the same design scheme IMO, not change from aggressive to laid back
Jordan Jackson Sep 27, 2012
Such a bland rear end for how aggressive (and elegant) front end
Paul Lissona Oct 01, 2012
Well the colors good haha.
Paul Lissona Oct 01, 2012
Italian cars usually look really good. This looks bad and must be unreliable, so what's good about it?
Alan So Sep 27, 2012
Some how I always liked this boxed shape~ way back when I was with a Alfa 33.
John M Weishahn Sep 27, 2012
It was actually an 80's car. And ugly by ANY decade's standards. Except the 70's. It would have looked awesome then.
Tyler Ray DeFord Sep 27, 2012
God. That's ugly even by 90s standards
Carlton Salmon Sep 27, 2012
The last Maserati to be called the Ghibli. Not a raging success if I recall. Let's hope the baby QP has better luck.
Oliver McIntosh Oct 07, 2012
This is such a beautiful car.
John M Weishahn Sep 27, 2012
There's some Daytona Ferrari in there too.
Matt Piccolo Sep 27, 2012
Not a fan AT ALL
Carlton Salmon Sep 27, 2012
Now this Ghibli I liked. Always thought it too similar to the Indy of the same period and aimed at the same market. Only real difference being that the Indy was a cramped 2+2. I should know, I rode in the back of one on a short trip as a kid.